The ICB is currently working on introducing new digital platforms for colleges and students. One of these exciting platforms has been introduced to providers on the 6th of June.

With new technology, there are certain security rules that apply to protect access.

It is therefore now a requirement for all students (college-based or distance) to have unique email addresses on their profiles. (ie No duplications or college admin addresses).  We have now built in checks to control this better.

We also conducted a data clean-up process which highlighted some errors and duplications on existing information.  These email addresses have now been flagged as “invalid” and changed to an “@none” email address. You will not be able to register students for exams until this student’s email address has been updated.

The new report on the provider portal, is to facilitate you to check all the email addresses for your students. Before you could only check each student individually, but now you will be able to download contact information for all the students in one report.

This report can be found on the provider portal in the Reports tab. The report is called “Learner Contact Info”.

ICB Portal


We are looking forward to working with you to ensure that we have current and valid data for all our students so that we can support them better with you on their journey with the ICB and your institution.