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Invest in yourself

Feeling vulnerable, invest in yourself!

Ever have the feeling of insecurity? Insecurity and feeling of being vulnerable comes in all shapes and forms. With regards to the workplace and earning potential we all have many. Have the need to get into the job market, promotions passing…
Get a career in Financial Accounting

Can you have a job in Financial Accounting?

Interested in Financial Accounting or something Finance related? And not sure how or where? Starting out in the great big working world can be very daunting!  Where to start? Sometimes we have it in our heads we want to be in the…
How to become a Tax Practitioner

How to become and remain SARS compliant as a Tax Practitioner in SA

How to become and remain SARS compliant as a Tax Practitioner in SA A Tax Practitioner, Tax Consultants and Tax Professionals are in high demand in South Africa. So if you want a career in Tax you need to be aware of the expectations. However,…
Do you have an incomplete qualification?

What can you do with an incomplete qualification?

The statistics indicate that over 40% of students (and the scary thing is, this number is growing) don't complete their qualifications and are forced to settle for an incomplete qualification. This is due to various reasons, from financial…
What do Bookkeepers do

What do Bookkeepers do?

What do Bookkeepers Actually Do?   What are bookkeepers responsible for? Bookkeepers are responsible for providing accurate, up-to-date financial information. So this means all businesses, irrelevant of the industry, need a bookkeeper…
What are CPD's?

What is CPD?

What does CPD stand for? The CPD acronym stands for Continuing Professional Development.   But what are CPD's? Let's take the analogy of a surgeon. CPD is literally the lifeblood here! A surgeon is well qualified and experienced…
December '22 Top Achievers

Top ICB Achievers: December 2022

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Congratulations to the Top Achievers of the November exams
No time to study?

No time to study?!

No time to Study?! Want to invest in yourself? Do you wish you can obtain that dream job? Want to advance in your career, leave public transport behind you and be behind the steering wheel literally and physically and in control of your life…
November '22 Top Achievers

Top ICB Achievers: November 2022

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Congratulations to the Top Achievers of the November exams
Credible Colleges - what to look for

What is a Credible College?

What is a Credible College? Spam, fly-by-nights, fraudsters ..... Terminology we hear everyday and certainly never want to come across, especially when looking for a credible college. Where are you? Have your parents been saving for years…
Use your time confetti to better your lifestyle

Am I guilty of time confetti?

What is Time Confetti? Ever heard the term TIME CONFETTI?  This is a new phenomenon which amounts to “little bits of seconds and minutes lost to unproductive multitasking”. We might not even know it, but we all carry TIME CONFETTI in…
You have options after matric to get a relevant qualification

What to do after matric in South Africa?

WHAT TO DO AFTER MATRIC IN SOUTH AFRICA? Schools out… Alice Cooper in his hit hard rock song “School’s out” really captures the excitement of upcoming school holidays, but also that the 12 year school career has come to an end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXFsWAkLoXQ   (Credits…