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Being a training provider comes with a host of responsibilities. You’re often held to high expectations as a provider by ICB, SETAS and other professional bodies and stakeholders.

However, no one is perfect; there is always room to learn and grow. Compliance is a continuous process that often comes with continuous learning.

With that said, let’s look at the top five common findings that we have identified during QMVs and how to fix them, in no particular order:


1 Fireproof, lockable storage for exam papers

Exam material including exam scripts, question papers and PoEs must be kept in a fireproof storage to prevent them from getting damaged in case of fire. For extra security, the storage needs to be lockable and access controlled to avoid unauthorised persons from accessing the exam material.

2 ICB policies

ICB updates its policies annually and updated policies are uploaded on to the provider portal. These can be downloaded or printed from the General Downloads section on the portal, alternatively provider may e-mail ICB support and request copies of the policies.

3 Usage of Logos

Please refrain from using old ICB logos. Current logos are uploaded on the ICB portal and can also be requested by contacting ICB Support

4 ICB Exam Invigilation & Irregularity policy not signed

This policy serves to guide and regulate the exam procedures followed before; during and after an exam by the invigilators to ensure that the risk of irregularities is minimised and discourages students from attempting any action which could result in an irregularity occurring. It is therefore important that providers and invigilators read the policy, sign it and keep the signed record.

5 Please ensure that there are evacuation plans on the walls

The OHS Act requires all employers to keep evacuation plans displayed on the interior walls of the building where everyone including visitors can see it. Changes to the layout of the building, the introduction of new hazards, or significant changes will necessitate writing a new plan.

We wish to thank ICB Providers for continuously working with us to ensure compliance with ICB and industry standards and regulations.