Tax Season

Navigating Tax Season: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Navigating Tax Season: Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid As tax season approaches, it's crucial to approach your tax return with care and attention to detail. Making mistakes on your tax return can lead to unnecessary stress, potential penalties,…
Tax Consultant

Benefits of Being a Tax Consultant

Unlocking Financial Success: The Benefits of Being a Tax Consultant" Being a tax consultant is a dynamic and rewarding career that goes beyond number crunching. In a world where financial literacy and compliance are crucial, tax consultants…
Tax Practitioner

Various Types of Tax Practitioner Career Paths

Various types of Tax Practitioner Career Paths Considering a career as Tax Practitioner but don’t know where to start or what avenue’s or area’s of specialty there are? Being a Tax Consultant or Tax Practitioner can be such a rewarding…
Professional Designation

What does a Professional Designation or Title mean?

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A professional designation is a title or credential conferred upon individuals by a Professional Body. It signifies that the individual has met specific education, experience, and ethical requirements set by the certifying authority, demonstrating…
What are CPD's?

What is CPD?

What does CPD stand for? The CPD acronym stands for Continuing Professional Development.   But what are CPD's? Let's take the analogy of a surgeon. CPD is literally the lifeblood here! A surgeon is well qualified and experienced…
Join a professional body

Why join a Professional Body?

Should I join a professional body after my studies? The ICB is an external examining body and conducts assessments of the qualifications that fall under our scope.  We are not a professional body, but we have arrangements with several local…