Digital gives you

  • Get access to your PoE immediately
  • Take your tests online
  • Get your test results immediately
  • See which questions you got wrong
  • Book now for April 2020 exams onwards

2020 Digital PoE’s at a special price of R675 for exams booked from April 2019 onwards.

Note: For Providers to obtain access to the platform, please send an email directly to support@icb.org.za, with full name, email address and exam code booked.

Correspondence students should book through the student portal and F2F through their colleges.

Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (BKTB)
Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns (PMSR)
Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK)
Business Literacy (BUSL)
Research Theory and Practice (RTAP)

What you Need to know

  • Digital portfolios are brand new and is rolling out in phases.
  • BKTB, CPBK, PMSR, BUSL, RTAP available from April exams.
  • Digital Portfolio’s are now available for ALL students (Campus based and Distance).
  • Traditional paper based PoE’s are still available. So you can choose either option.
  • This platform provides  NO tuition and NO academic support in any way or form.  This is only an assessment platform.
  • Your college will still give you all the necessary learning support that you need and do your exam entry if you are a campus based learner.
  • Your Final Exam will still be written at your college / ICB exam venue.

How Does it Work?

  • Exams are booked as normal, but when a Digital PoE is available for that subject, this option will be shown.
  • On booking, students will immediately receive a special LOGIN to access their Digital Portfolio.
  • Digital PoE’s can be completed on mobile, tablet and desktop.  Wi-fi or data is needed for downloads and uploads, but certain work can be done “off-line”.
  • Tests are done on-line with results being available after completion of test. You can also see what questions you got wrong.
  • Final Exams and Results will be exactly the same as per the paper portfolios.

No assignments or tests need to be physically handed back to ICB.

Not only does this free up your time to do other things, but it will also reduce your courier costs. WOW!

  1. Students have immediate access to their portfolios which means no more queries coming in asking when portfolios will be delivered.
  2. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime – no more excuses from students not being able to work while away for the weekend or on holiday.
  3. Tests are completed online with an immediate mark – no more marking for  your team which allows them to immediately identify student progress.
  4. And to combat plagiarism – all test questions are random which means a student will not be able to tell another student the answer to question 3 for example. Question 3 will be a different question in student no 2’s test.
  5. Your lecturers and administrators get access to the students profiles on MACCI to monitor their progress live.
  6. And best of all – Digital portfolios are available at a reduced rate – Only R550 per portfolio, which means yet another cost saving to you.
  • RTAP (Digital Only)
  • Exemptions (Digital Only)
  • BKTB – for April 2019 exams onwards
  • CPBK – for April 2019 exams onwards
  • PMSR – for April 2019 exams onwards
  • BUSL – for April 2019 exams onwards
  1. Exams are booked via the provider portal as “digital portfolios” and the students are automatically enrolled on the MACCI platform.
  2. A login email is sent to the students from the MACCI platform to have immediate access to their portfolios.
  3. For Providers to obtain access to the platform, they must send an email directly to support@icb.org.za, with their full name, email address and exam code booked.
  4. Digital portfolios have locked steps that are in line with the study phases, i.e.students cannot  progress without completing the previous step.
  5. Students will currently need to download their assignment booklet, complete and scan/upload at the appropriate section.
  6. All tests are completed in test conditions. These are timed tests and your students should not  access these prior to your selected test date. These are completed online, marked by the  system and an immediate result is provided.
  7. The online portfolio also includes an introduction, admin guide and close off section.
  8. Students will know that they have completed their portfolios by following their progress on the progressbar until 100% completion.
  9. All portfolios must be completed before 09:00 on the day of the exam.
  10. The digital portfolio can be completed on mobile, tablet and PC desktop.
  1. The 4 subjects, RTAP and exemption online versions available for April exams onwards.
  2. The digital portfolios are named as per the Exam Code – the same as the code used to book the  students on the provider portal.
  3. All staff and students MUST have their own unique email address.
  4. Providers must send their details to support@icb.org.za to be loaded onto their student profiles.
    Please include: Name, surname, email, exam codes.
  5. Postponements for digital portfolios are allowed (same rules apply).
  6. In a single booking you can only book either digital or hard copy portfolios but not both at the  same time.
  7. Results will still be received via the provider portal.
  8. Digital portfolio updates are available on the website: https://www.icb.org.za/digital-portfolios/

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