Digital gives you

  • Immediate access once payment has been received
  • Online tests with immediate results
  • Able to see which questions you got incorrect with the correct answer included

Providers can enrol themselves onto MACCI via the Provider Portal. Please refer to the Provider Portal for your downloadable guide.

Correspondence students should book through the student portal and F2F through their Colleges.

Watch this to see how to complete your PoE

What you Need to know

  • All portfolios for all subjects are digital as of April 2020.
  • Digital Portfolio’s are available for ALL students (Campus-based and Distance).
  • This platform provides  NO tuition and NO academic support in any way or form.  This is only an assessment platform.
  • Your college will still give you all the necessary learning support that you need and do your exam entry if you are a campus based learner.
  • Your Final Exam will still be written at your college / ICB exam venue or online.

How Does it Work?

  • Exams are booked as normal via the student portal (or provider portal for classroom-based learners)
  • When the exam booking has cleared, the subjects will be available on Macci. This will allow students to access thei Digital Portfolio.
  • Digital PoE’s are to be completed on a desktop or laptop using Chrome. Wi-fi or data is needed for downloads and uploads, but certain work can be done “off-line”.
  • Tests are done on-line with results being available after completion of the test. You can also see what questions you got wrong.
  • Final Exams and Results will be exactly the same as per the usual. Results will be available on the student portal for Distance Learners and face-to-face students will receive their results from their Colleges.


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