NEW – Digital Portfolios @ ICB

No more waiting for despatch and delivery

Just launched!

Digital PoE’s at a special student price of only R580! –  Immediate digital delivery and R70 saving!

Don’t miss out – Entries for November close Friday – 21 September!


Exciting news for provider Macci users! The ICB has implemented new functionality on the digital portfolio platform which will allow you to monitor your students progress. Join us for a webinar detailing this new functionality on Friday, 21 September 11:00 – 12:00 to find out more!

What you Need to know

  • Digital Portfolios are brand new and so we are going to roll out this new platform in phases.
  • Currently only one subject is available: Computerised Bookkeeping (CPBK).  More subjects will follow soon!
  • Digital Portfolio’s are now available for ALL students (Campus based and Distance).
  • Traditional paper based PoE’s are still available. So you can choose either option.
  • Digital PoE’s can be completed on mobile, tablet and desktop.  Wi-fi or data is needed for downloads and uploads, but certain work can be done “off-line”.
  • This platform provides  NO tuition and NO academic support in any way or form.  This is only an assessment platform.
  • Your college will still give you all the necessary learning support that you need and do your exam entry if you are a campus based learner.

How Does it Work?

  • Exams are booked as normal, but when a Digital PoE is available for that subject, this option will be shown.
  • On booking, students will immediately receive a special LOGIN to access their Digital Portfolio.
  • The new platform is like a “digital post office” for the delivery of PoE’s to students and for the upload of completed tests and assignments.
  • Tests are conducted the same way as before, but instead of being handed in with the Final Exam, these are uploaded by the students to Macci when done.
  • Final Exams and Results will be exactly the same as per the paper portfolios.

Watch this Clip for a Sneak Peek

(Duration: 1 min 47 sec)


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