Growing up I always wanted to be an accountant.  I started working as an Invoice Administator and now I’m a Finance and Administration intern. I can never have enough words to express how grateful and honoured I am to have been part of the ICB. My journey has been a meaningful learning experience.

Studying with the ICB has given me more self confidence at work and at home. Before, I had self-doubt and thought I was not educated enough to take on tasks. Now I will try to do anything that is given to me. And my goal is to work in the accounting field. If you are thinking of studying through the ICB, don’t think. Just do it! You will not regret your choice.

Thanks to ICB, I can now understand my work and adapt to it easily. Sometimes I go back to my books and CD for further information and knowledge. One can have experience in the industry, but if you don’t have an ICB qualification, you will not be taken seriously. Go get registered with the ICB. Life is easier with them.

After my daughter was born I wanted a career change and to study again, but was a little unsure of what direction to take. My husband suggested bookkeeping. Studying through the ICB has opened up a new world of opportunity to me. The course is practical and has given me the knowledge I needed to make a career change. AND it has restored my confidence – I have realized that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have recently started my first job in accounting at Eastern Cape Accounting & Tax (ECAT) in Humansdorp.

I’m currently studying your Accounting Programme. My goal is to complete my studies through the ICB, and to continue with additional courses through ACCA or CIMA – to pursue a higher qualification and to increase my career prospects.

I’m employed as an accountant at a building services company. My experience in accounting has brought me a long way. I really enjoy my course with the ICB. Getting an education is really important to me and I will complete it.

I started my ICB studies in 2012 as I wanted to further my finance studies while working. The ICB was the best option for me, as they offer long-distance learning. I started as a receptionist, but as I passed some of the modules, my company promoted me to work in the finance division at its head office.

The practical, hands-on experience I received cannot be matched. When I took the job offer at Boston, they thought that I had vast experience in the field. But I only attained my ICB Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting.Take advantage of the reasonable fees and flexible times.This is the best qualification to improve oneself. I no longer call it the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. I call it Individual Career Betterment.

Playing with figures has always been something close to my heart.  As a result I wanted to further my studies in finance and contribute meaningfully to our economy. I started working as a cashier and after completing my Senior Bookkeeping exams through the ICB, I was promoted to credit control for a Mutual and Federal insurance company. I would like to thank ICB. My lecturers were always willing to go the extra mile for their students and treat everyone equally.

Since studying part-time, I’ve changed roles within my company from Assistant Student Bookkeeper to Senior Bookkeeper, and managing the finances for the company. Studying, working and being with my family has been very rewarding. And knowing that I can do it and be an example for my daughter.

Not only did I excel by achieving 87%, but I also fell in love with accounting during my ICB studies. ICB have already proven their worth by resulting in my permanent employment. Even though it’s just been over two months at my current employer, I’m also a volunteer mentor on the Imkamva Youth Mentorship Programme, which empowers youth to live their dreams.

I’ve always dreamed of being an accountant. I got one step closer to achieving my dream by registering for the ICB’s Senior Bookkeeper course. I want to inspire young girls to believe that their financial situation at home doesn’t have to affect their dreams. With hard work and determination they too can be whatever they want to be.

Securing a job as a Financial Controller at a 4-star hotel, thanks to my ICB qualification, was very rewarding. Also, getting those powerful designations after my name and being a member of a professional body certainly felt great. The ICB gave me all I need to practice as an Accountant, and have helped me to start my journey to run my own accounting business in a few years.

My studies have helped me with my confidence to grow in a company that employs graduates. It has helped me to understand my roll in the credit department from a financial point of view. My goal is to be recognized and move to a higher position in the years to come.

Although never exposed to accounting at school, I believe that anyone with a dream to become a bookkeeper or accountant can do it. I feel that the ICB skills programmes are ideal courses for making this dream come true, with a lot of practice and self discipline.

It is my ambition to enroll for an MBA at an educational institution, and the ICB is giving me the background knowledge to do so. It’s worth studying through them. Their material is so clear, and their guidelines and videos simplify the whole equation.

After I started my course, it has really been helpful in my work as a bookkeeper. Being a working mom is not easy but I am motivated to complete my studies, keep my head up and persevere.

I passed Financial Statements and Cost and Management Accounting with more than 80%. This proved to me that I did indeed have a head for numbers. I aim to carry on passing my subjects. And not just passing, but I am striving to get 90% for the Business Law and Accounting Control module.

When my soccer career went up in smoke, I worked as a driver for two companies before landing a job with my current employer in 2009, again as a driver. However, I always knew I was destined for better things in life. I’m currently studying my last three courses towards the ICB’s National Diploma: Financial Accounting NQF 6. And I’ve maintained an 80% average. There is still a long path ahead, as I would like to specialise in tax and become a Business Strategist.

I must say, receiving my Junior and Senior Bookkeeper qualifications was very rewarding. It’s a fact that you reap what you sow. Locally essential. Internationally recognised. It’s worth it! I did it part time and so can you. Many thanks to the ICB for your affordable and well recognised qualifications.

I studied part-time at Damelin West Rand, starting with the ICB Skills Programme in Bookkeeping and later completing the ICB Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting. Today, I am the Financial Manager of The GSI Group Africa (Pty) Ltd – a world-class manufacturer of agricultural equipment and services. I would not have been promoted so quickly if it wasn’t for my studies.

ICB gave me sufficient time to be able to have a home life and study. I finished my Technical Financial Accountant level while having my second baby in 2010. I am now almost finished with my Financial Accountant level and feel a lot more confident about my future. Studying through the ICB has equipped me to become a Tax Practitioner and now I can assist clients with their tax assessments in my spare time.

I am an ICB graduate, holding a National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting, and I have a strong academic record. I’ve also been awarded with ‘Best Accounting Student’ and ‘Best ICB Student’ at Boston Business College. My enthusiasm to learn was essential to my achievements.

My goal was to study Payroll and when I enquired about it at Damelin, they introduced me to the ICB’s programmes. It was such a privilege to study those modules and have the potential to grow further. I would gladly continue studying towards the ICB’s accredited qualifications.

I was the youngest in my group and pregnant, but that did not stop me from achieving my goals and obtaining my qualification, in fact it motivated me to work ten times harder than everyone and that makes me very proud! I am currently busy with my dissertation, and the good news is I’m half way through it and once that is done and dusted I will be getting my Financial Accounting Diploma!

I enrolled with SACOB and have started the journey right from Junior Bookkeeper! Although I’m only on the second and third subjects now, I’ve discovered that it’s been immensely interesting and helpful to know all the right ways of doing things, and to learn the reasons behind the methods. I have really enjoyed putting my mind back into learner gear.

Who would have thought that today, I am a qualified Technical Financial Accountant. This year, I’m doing my Financial Accounting Level 6. I couldn’t have gotten this far if I didn’t take the risk of registering with a college, knowing that I would struggle to pay my fees. I was employed by African Bank back in 1995, and I’m still working for them as a Branch Support Administrator.

I want to encourage women from all walks of life not to abandon their aspirations. I have to acknowledge that the ICB gave me a very strong foundation in all that I have managed to achieve today. I was a mother, wife and career woman and I also worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder to the position of General Manager – Finance & Corporate services. Now I am in my final year for the Masters in Business Administration.


Mandisa was very generous to help us with compliance matters. So thank you very much ICB.

We love working with the ICB. We love working with the staff at ICB… they really are dynamic. So I am proudly ICB.

I have been with the ICB for more than 20 years now and the ICB has always proven to be a great solution for Distance Learning Students. I’ve only ever worked with distance learning.

When you want to change the game in Skills Education you need to be part of a team who can play that game.

Where people are working with people and we are able to deliver a quality service and quality programmes to our market.

Regarding the online PoE: Absolutely that is the way to go with the ICB. I would urge you guys to release some more of the ICB Qualifications as they are more organized.

I love the ICB because of their reputation and the fact they provide that support that learners really need for the workplace.

We are a business Management school and we offer the ICB course. It is very interactive and practical course which is marketing so well in Swaziland.