Do you represent a company that is interested in offering tuition for ICB-registered qualifications?

Your learners don’t just want an education, they want to be in demand when they enter the job market. And they can be, with qualifications from the ICB. Whether they have just left school or are already working, they can study towards a highly respected ICB qualification and become a bookkeeper; financial accountant in the private or public sectors; an office manager; or learn how to manage the finances of a small business. Our programmes are valued by employers, and our graduates are recognised locally and internationally by several professional bodies.

Do you want to provide tuition or offer practical experience ?

You can apply to become a Theory Training Provider, who provides tuition towards the theory assessments, in accordance with the outcomes of each learning area of the qualifications. Or you can apply to become a Workplace Training Provider who provides practical experience in the workplace for learnerships.

Do you represent a company that is interested in offering workplace experience for ICB qualified students?

Apply to become a Workplace Training Provider who provides practical experience in the workplace for learnerships.

What is a Learnership?

  • A learnership is a training programme that combines theory at a college or training centre with relevant on-the-job practical training. There is no learnership if there is no actual on-the-job practical training.
  • Learnerships are the most effective means of complying with the new BEE scorecard which requires that companies spend 6% of their gross salaries and wages in order to measure the Skills Development component of the scorecard.
  • The SETA’s release grant funding for learnerships on a bi-annual basis.  These grants often come in the form of work readiness opportunities (new employees), skills programmes (existing employees) or full learnership qualification programmes (for both new and existing employees).

What are the benefits of a learnership?

  • It increases the relevant skills base and talent pool in your organisation
  • Upskilling increases productivity and motivation
  • A rebate on each learnership of up to R40 000 rebate can be obtained (R60 000 for Disability)
  • SETA grants allocation towards Skills Development
  • B-BBEE points contribution as per Skills Development priority element 18.1 (employed) and 18.2 (unemployed) learnerships

What are ICB’s Learnerships on offer?

National Certificate BookkeepingNQF 3
FETC BookeepingNQF 4
National Diploma Technical Financial AccountingNQF 5
National Certificate Small Business Financial ManagementNQF 4
Certificate Office AdministrationNQF 5
Higher Certificate Office AdministrationNQF 5
National Certificate Public Sector AccountingNQF 4
Diploma Public Sector AccountingNQF 5

Apply to the ICB today!


Simply download all the documents below and complete in duplicate, keeping a copy for your own records.


Pay the provider accreditation fee via EFT and save a copy of your proof of payment.  This needs to be submitted together with the application form to ICB


Submit the completed application, all supporting documents and proof of payment to ICB.  A VAT invoice is available upon request.


Once your application is received, the information will be assessed if the application meets the ICB criteria, a site monitoring visit will be arranged to evaluate the available resources and premises for suitability.


Providers that are approved will be allocated a unique Registration Number and receive an Accreditation Certificate.

Provider Accreditation Fees

Annual Accreditation Renewal FeeZAR1300.00
Workplace Provider Accreditation FeeNo accreditation fees for Workplace Providers
Training Provider Accreditation FeeZAR6900.00
Admin Fee for Accreditation changes (ie scopes, entity names, status, etc) ZAR850.00
Special Site Visits (ie Change of training venue)POA

Provider Document Downloads

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