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Giving you the best chance to succeed

The ICB’s unique phased learning model applies to ALL our 30 subjects. It’s been designed to empower you to learn concepts and grasp skills that will stay with you for life.

Your exam entry fee covers not just the final exam, but your PoE and the 2 standardised tests and the 3 assignments.

Subjects are flexible too!

How many and which subjects you do at a time is up to you. You can do as many or as few as you want to at the same time. We do recommend you do the subjects from the lower levels first and work your way up, but this isn’t compulsory.  You’ll just need to make sure you’ve achieved all the subjects required for your qualification.

Start here!

Business Management

Register with the ICB

Registration means that we will add you to the ICB student database and issue you with a student number.  You only need to register once, and your student number stays the same throughout your studies.  ICB registration fees are paid every year that you are studying an ICB course. Distance learning students can register online for their exams on the ICB’s Student Portal and Classroom students will be registered by their colleges.

Enter for an ICB Exam

ICB exams are held every month for classroom based students at the college where they are registered.  ICB exams are held 4 times a year for distance learners (February, May, August, November) at exam venues. Distance learning students can enter via the student portal and Classroom students will enter exams through their colleges.

The Portfolio of Evidence

Your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is an amazing tool to help you study. One PoE per subject per exam will arrive 3-4 weeks after the ICB receives your exam entry for a specific subject. As soon as you get your PoE check that all your personal details on the cover are correct.  Read through the entire PoE and fill in information where you are asked to. Let your college / the ICB know ASAP if anything is wrong.

Distance learners will receive their PoE directly and Classroom students will receive their PoE from their colleges.

What’s inside my Portfolio of Evidence

Your ICB Portfolio Administration Guide

This is your indispensable guide to studying your ICB subject!  Your Portfolio Administration Guide tells you exactly what you need to do throughout your studies. It explains how to fill in your PoE and contains important forms you need to complete. Work through it step by step and follow all the instructions in it, and you’ll be on track for success!

Tests and Assignments

For every subject, the ICB sets 3 Assignments and 2 Tests that help you to test your knowledge during your studies. Distance learning students will find the Tests and Assignments in their PoE when it arrives.  Classroom based students will get their Assignments in their Portfolios, and their Tests will be given by their lecturers during their studies.

Answer Books

You’ll also find blank answer books in your PoE for you to write the answers to your Tests and Assignments.

Why is my Portfolio of Evidence so Important?

The ICB learning experience is unique – our academic team has designed it to give you the best possible chance of learning effectively and passing your subject first time. But it’s not just about passing the exam. Our methodology makes sure you get a deep and thorough understanding of your course materials. So you don’t just get a qualification – you gain real skills that you can use in your job from Day 1.

The 4 tools to help you study during your course

Your PoE is one of the 4 tools that will help you to study your programme:

1 Portfolio of Evidence : Assignments and Tests

Learning Phase 1

Assignment 1
Test 1

Learning Phase 2

Assignment 2
Test 2

Learning Phase 3

Assignment 3
Final Exam

Each subject is divided into 3 learning phases. You’ll do an ICB Assignment during each phase, and at the end of phases 1 and 2, you’ll complete an ICB Test, to test your knowledge. These tests have been set by the ICB and are standardised – all students must complete them.

Your final exam marks the end of the third learning phase. This integrated way of learning helps to prepare you (and is good practice) for your final exam.

Your college tuition, study material and support from your college are the other 3 tools to help you succeed in your studies.  Check with your college which of these they offer:

2 College Tuition

Video learning
Online learning

3 Study Materials

Study guides

4 Study Support from your College

Study groups, etc.

Your college will give you your course materials and textbooks, whether you are a classroom or distance learning student.  If you chose to study independently, you’ll have to get your own textbooks and course materials.

If you have queries about the work, please speak to your training provider. They will be able to help you with questions about your subject content, theory, assignments, etc.  if you’re an independent student and have chose NOT to study via a college, you will have to find the support you need yourself.

The ICB is strictly only the external examining body for these qualifications.  To remain independent and fair, we cannot get involved in any support or tuition.

When do I hand in my Portfolio of Evidence?

A few days before your final exam go through the checklist in your Portfolio Administration Guide to make sure you have done and included everything.  Make a copy of your entire PoE as a backup.  Take your completed PoE to your final exam. You’ll hand it in there.

Your final exam

When you have finished writing your final exam, you must add the exam question and answer papers to your PoE and hand everything in together.  You cannot send the ICB anything else for your PoE after you have handed it in.

Need to postpone your exam?

If you’re not ready to write your final exam, you can postpone it once only to the next exam date.  Submit your postponement request to the ICB before the last date for postponements for that exam cycle.

Sick on exam day?

You can apply for a medical postponement and you’ll need a medical certificate. Contact your college or the ICB for more information.

Missed your exam?

If you did not attend your exam, and did not postpone it in time, you’ll have to start the subject over by re-enetering for the exam and getting a new PoE.

How is everything marked?

30% of your final mark comes from the Assignments and Tests you do during your course and 70% of your final mark comes from your final exam.

Pass mark

You need to achieve a minimum of 50% in your final exam and 60% overall to be declared competentDistance learning students, everything in your PoE will be marked by the ICB and Classroom students, your Tests are provisionally marked by the college, then moderated by the ICB.


Results are released about 7 weeks after your exam. Classroom students will get their results from their colleges.  Distance learning students will be able to get their results on the Student Portal, and they will also be emailed to you.  Depending on how you do, you’ll be declared either Competent or Not yet Competent.

Not yet competent?

If you qualify for an exam re-write you don’t need to redo your PoE, just the final exam, which will count 100%. You’ll need to redo your exam within 12 months.  If you are again not yet competent, or miss your re-write, you’ll have to start the subject over.  You can carry on with your other subjects in the meantime.


Congratulations!  Now you can move on to your next subject.  Finished an ICB level?  You’ll get an ICB Programme Certificate from the ICB within 2 months. The ICB submits your qualification details to FASSET, who then processes your NQF Qualification Certificate. Their processing time is about 6 months.  You can also migrate to another programme just by completing another few subjects.

Register with a Professional Body

If you’ve completed a full qualification, you can apply to register with a professional body like the ICBA.

Study Further

As well as making you attractive to employers and clients, your ICB qualifications can also lead you to these opportunities.