Many of our students and even providers still believe in the power of using past exam papers to prepare for upcoming exams, however past exam papers are exactly that, they are past. Let’s admit it! no examining body would make use of the same exam paper more than once, which begs the question: why study an old exam paper?

We totally get that students wish to have an idea of the paper format in their exam preparations and this is exactly why Edge Learning Media, our textbook supplier avails mock exam papers to colleges and learners. The mock exam papers are carefully and deliberately put together in such a way that they give an accurate idea of the kind of questioning, structure, and length of the paper you may expect in our exam.

Studying a past exams often means studying the specific information or questions contained in that past exam for the purpose of studying only those questions and the answers therefore. On the upside, studying a mock exam means the learner studies all their work and then make use of the mock exam paper to study the structure, length, style and type of questions they may expect in their upcoming exam.

The other reasons why past exam papers are not available is because outcomes may change resulting in the content of the past exam papers being outdated so we need to protect the credibility of the ICB exams and make sure that learners do not waste time studying a document that could very well be outdated!

So, what about those students and colleges that are suspected to be in possession of past exam papers? Well one thing is for sure, whoever is in possession of past exam papers could land themselves in serious trouble but here’s how we monitor this:

  • Colleges responsible for printing the exam papers are well aware of the fact that they cannot keep possession of past papers, let alone distribute them
  • ICB frequently monitors online platforms to ensure that past exam papers are not being distributed on gumtree, drop boxes, via e-mail, WhatsApp groups etc.
  • ICB investigates suspicious activity and although we often find that what is being distributed is official mock exam papers we continue to investigate anyway

We urge our training providers and learners to immediately alert us about any persons that are in possession of past exam papers or even upcoming exam papers and providers or persons who are making past exam papers available to their students! The information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality!