What date are postponements allocated to/allowed for?

If you need to postpone your exam before your exam date, check the Exam Timetable in your Admin Book to see the postponement closing dates for each exam cycle. If you are on time, you can postpone by paying the postponement fee.

If you need to postpone your exam because you’re ill on the day, you can apply for a free postponement. Send us your doctor’s certificate within two weeks of the date missed. Medical postponements are granted at the ICB’s discretion.

Postponement cut-off dates are listed on the ICB Exam Timetables. Download them here.

You may only postpone to the next exam date. Students cannot postpone further ahead than this because they run the risk of the materials/curriculum being out of date. Should you wish to choose a date further in the future, you would need to re-enter for the exam as a first entry and receive the latest Portfolio of Evidence. Note though, that the annual updated Portfolios are only available from November each year, for the following year.

Please also review the Examination Policy for all the rules and regulations.