Exam Paper Format

The ICB has noticed a trend developing with regards to class tests, and we would like to clear up any possible confusion.  Some Face2Face Providers are submitting all the formative tests in the student PoE i.e. test 1A & 2A and test 1C & 2C.

The students only need to do two class tests or formative tests. These tests are the 1A and 2A tests (for Face2Face students).  If a student is absent for test 1A, then the student has the opportunity to write the 1C test which will be submitted with the PoE on the day of the exam.

If the student is absent for test 2A they would have the opportunity to write test 2C which is then submitted in the PoE. Tests marked 1C & 2C are only for when students are absent for either 1A or 2A. Therefore, the C tests are not to be seen as a rewrite or supplementary test.

If you are unsure on the day the student writes the test, please contact us through live chat or support@icb.org.za.