What happens when I change my surname?


Sometimes it’s disappointing to receive the much anticipated qualification certificate just to find your maiden name and not your very new and exciting surname, especially if you are still in your honeymoon phase.

We wanted to give you some background, you can certainly change your surname with ICB.  The ICB uploads the name change and as the ICB we will refer to you with your new name and your ICB programme certificate will be under your new name.

However, when you first register for any post matric course, irrelevant of the institution or the course, you are then registered with SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) with your name and ID number.  So as your education journey continues over the years, regardless of what institution or professional body you join, SAQA tracks your development and your National Qualification credits on their framework.  They hence do not change your surname as the name and ID number that you initially register under is the name they keep.

This means that all institutions and professional bodies send their uploads to the various Seta’s and to SAQA so as you qualify, the National Qualification Framework certificates that follow will be under the name initially registered.