Larry Learner

Hi Larry,

I want to register soon, and start around January. But I know the books are April 2017 – March 2018. Has anyone had problems if it is a previous book? Or in the first phase, is it only the Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns (PMSR) that I must wait for the new books? As this subject includes tax, and I know that is basically what changes? Any tips?


Hi Sally,

All learners must contact their ICB training providers to check which textbooks will be updated. These updates will affect your studies and assessment preparations. Textbooks are updated every year due to changes in legislation, accounting standards, tax tables and software. But some have significant updates and some only minor.

We can confirm that the Income Tax Returns textbook has had significant changes made to it which will affect the exam. The other textbooks that have had significant changes made to them are:

  • Payroll & monthly returns
  • Financial reporting standards
  • Business and office administration 1
  • Public accounting administration
  • Business management 1
  • Entrepreneurship 1

The other textbooks not mentioned here have only had minor changes.

Good luck!

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