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We have some amazing students who are studying through the ICB.  We are continuously inspired by the challenges people face and the choice they make to study further to create a better future for themselves.  We have decided to share some of these stories with you.  We are sure you will be just as in awe of these students as we are!

Philisiwe Gasa

“I work at Wimpy part time as a waitress and I pay for my college fees. Sometimes I struggle to keep up with my fees and sometimes I just want to give up and not continue with my studies but through God’s grace I have made it thus far and can finally say it helped not to give up because I am now doing my 3rd year and will be graduating in a year’s time.

Since I’m currently doing my 3rd year, it will help me a lot it’s hard to be a single mum and study work part time at the same time that’s why I feel that I deserve this bursary because I’m hard-working person and will put it into good use.”


Victoria Nyama

“I could give you a million reasons to motivate my application but the most important one is that I deeply love what I’m studying and know that will reach my goal if I get opportunity to proceed. I lost my father in 2012 and have been looking after my mother and two siblings and it’s tough because my job does not pay me an adequate salary. Granting me this bursary will help me excel and move forward, above all helping my family too!”


Pupunyane Modisaotsile

“Education is the key to a brighter future, one that no one can ever take away from you. Education is something important to me as an individual that’s why I treat my studies as a priority. I am a hard-working individual especially when it comes to my studies. Last year I could only afford to do one module but that didn’t stop me from working hard and making sure that I passed and I never missed a single lesson and I believe that my results will prove to you how determined I am with my studies!”


Olva Rasodi

“Before  I discovered ICB courses, my dreams of being admitted for a degree were shattered due to a lack of funds. It is with ICB that my hopes for a better future for myself and family were renewed.

All my life it has been a struggle going to school as my mother is a single parent and we depend on my brothers social grant to make ends meet. With this bursary I will be able to finish my studies without worrying about financial constraints. It is with the ICB that #ICanBe successful and succeed in studying towards a brighter and better future.”


These are just 4 out of our many brave and inspirational students. These students received a bursary for their studies. Hopefully, their stories inspire you to apply for a bursary once they open in 2018 and most of all, not to give up, no matter the challenges you face!