Fasset Certificates

The ICB is aware that a number of students are still waiting for their Fasset qualification certificates to be issued to them. The ICB has been working with Fasset to determine the course of action for all delayed certificates.

We are happy to inform you that an agreement between the two organisations has recently been reached. Fasset has committed to printing and sending all outstanding certificates to ICB by end of June 2018. The ICB therefore expects to receive all outstanding certificates during this period.

The ICB expects to receive a large volume of certificates from Fasset during the period mentioned above and as such our Operations Team will make the necessary arrangements to ensure that we have additional resources to audit the certificates as fast as we can before we send them out to the students and colleges.

The normal ICB review and audit process takes about 2 weeks from receipt of the certificates, thereafter they will be despatched and sent to the Postal address provided for all Correspondence/ Distant learning students and to the College/ Provider for all face-to-face students.  All going well, you should receive your certificates in the 1st week of August.

Learners are reminded that all certification queries should be forwarded to their respective colleges or to the ICB Support Team at support@icb.org.za and not directly to Fasset.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.