Be a Chartered Certified Accountant

With an ACCA qualification you can have all three…

ACCA is the world’s fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession, helping people like you to become successful accounting professionals.

The global reputation of ACCA is is such that they have over 188,000 members and 480,000 students in 178 countries.

The ACCA mission is to give you greater career opportunities through qualifications that are recognised and recommended around the world. With the ACCA Careers Job Board, you’ll have access to a wealth of advice and thousands of vacancies waiting to be filled.
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Benefits of the ACCA qualification

  • Enables you to become a Chartered Certified Accountant, use the designatory letters ACCA, and work in any aspect of finance or management within any business.
  • Better employment prospects as a result of having shown an ability in all areas of business.
  • Assures employers that you have the skills necessary to progress to more senior management positions.
  • ACCA is the largest and fastest-growing global professional accountancy body in the world, with over 188,000 members and 480,000 students in 178 countries.
  • Gaining such a qualification is evidence that the holder possesses skills and knowledge which are in high demand by employers in industry, banking, auditing, consulting as well as other professions like taxation and law.
  • Candidates not only gain specialist knowledge in finance and accounting, but also acquire valuable skills in organisational management and strategy.
  • The qualification is based on international accounting and auditing standards and is IFAC compliant.
  • With 4 exam sessions a year, you as a student can sit for a maximum of 4 exams per quarter.

5 things you should know about ACCA

  1. The ACCA (“Association of Chartered Certified Accountants”) is a global professional body issuing highly respected and valued international qualifications in business, registered at NQF level 8.
  2.  To get the qualification, you have to pass a maximum of 14 written exams and have relevant practical experience which you can gain in any business sector you are working in. Your degree may receive a maximum of 9 exemption out of the 14 exams and a diploma may receive 6 exemptions.
  3. You can take up to 4 exams each session, and you have 10 years to do it! Normally it takes 2 or 3 years to qualify.
  4. The ACCA professional qualification covers all areas of business, from financial statements, management accounting, business taxation & law to audit and also business ethics!

ACCA has an exclusive offer for you, ICB graduate, that will accelerate your membership and see you reach your ultimate career destination.

The benefits of the registration offer:

  • Graduates of the Financial Accounting Diploma (NQF Level 6) will receive a Fee Waiver for your qualification exemptions (F1 – F6)
  • Your first year annual subscription fee will be waived
  • Only pay the initial registration fee of £20 (roughly R350) + exams

To apply, please send the following documentation:

  • Complete  ACCA Application Form
  • A copy of your ID
  • ID size photo
  • A  certified copy of your transcripts and a copy of your diploma certificate.

Take advantage of this  massive saving of +/- R 12 000.00 through discounted exemptions and initial registration fees.

DO NOT register yourself, forward all the above registration documents to:

0860 02 10 10 (ACCA Connect)

+27 11 459 1915 (Direct Line)

+27 82 839 8019 (Mobile)

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