Thinking of studying a financial programme? Fascinated by economics, business or bookkeeping? While rewarding career paths, the financial world is in its nature very competitive. Finding a good job – never mind a job you’re passionate about – can be tough! As a result, it’s more important than ever to have the right credentials behind you. Attaining an ICB qualification not only adds a professional, accredited business qualification to your CV arsenal, but makes you more employable and indispensable. A reputation spanning decades, opens up doors and places you in a league of professionals. Can you afford not to stand out?

Here are 4 Reasons why you can’t afford NOT to have an ICB qualification:

1. Recognition – both locally and abroad

We’ve been there, done that! 87 years of experience as an Independent External Examination Body means we’ve earned our stripes in the industry. Why does this matter? Recognition and reputation are important. We’ve established ourselves as a leading Financial and Accounting Accreditation Body offering relevant, high quality financial knowledge. This in turn has led to positive relationships with top- tier industry leaders and recognition with professional bodies (CIMA, ACCA), employers and graduates across the country and the world. Your ICB qualification sets you apart in a pile of CV’S, in an interview room, or in the line up to a promotion. Hello employment!

2. Attainable Success

It’s no secret – graduation rates are low in South Africa. Completing tertiary studies can be challenging, and sometimes downright overwhelming. We understand this and use study methodologies that give you the best chance of succeeding. Our courses are broken down into different levels, with each level working towards your final qualification. These easy-to-manage study chunks make completing your qualification more achievable as you’re able to build your knowledge incrementally. The result? A higher chance of attaining success and that shiny graduation photo, of course.

3. Credible and Accredited

Fake colleges and qualifications are real! Fly-by-night, “diploma mills” have been circulating in South Africa, promising the world and delivering the opposite – unaccredited degrees and empty pockets. You’ve been warned.

With the ICB, you can sleep easily with the knowledge that your qualification will always be credible and accredited. All our training providers are the real deal – accredited colleges are registered with DHET (Department of Education and Higher Training). As an appointed Quality Assurance Partner for QCTO, we are authorized to conduct examinations on a number of registered qualifications that are on the NQF. You won’t be taken for a ride-ever.

4. Flexible Study Options

Life happens. Situations change! Don’t be forced to give up on your dreams as a result of the unexpected. The ICB is flexible and have a range of different study options to suit your unique needs and circumstances. Fit your studies around your life and study on your own terms – whether this is full time, part time or distance learning. ICB courses are also structured in a way that allow you study at your own pace or pick up where you left off. How’s that for academic freedom?

Looking to study a reliable, accredited, finance qualification? Take a look at our list of programmes to find the perfect one for you.