Larry Learner

Annual registration fees are used by the ICB to cover the student costs that do not relate specifically to exams i.e. administration costs and student support services.  ICB management looked at various ways of covering these costs and after much consideration, it was decided that the fairest way was to recover these expenses in the form of an annual student registration fee, rather than to significantly increase the cost of exam fees.   This is in line with most academic institutions worldwide.


The fee is charged per academic year, as most students start their studies in the first few months of the year.   Should they start later in the year, that is their decision, but the full fee for the year is still payable.


Please note that if a learner enters for an exam in the following calendar year, the annual registration fee for that following year also becomes payable, at the time of the exam entry. Should the annual registration fee not be paid when an exam is booked, the PoE will not be sent to the student. The exam entry will be cancelled.