Larry Learner

Hi Larry

There are three levels for the ICB’s Business Literacy. Do I have to enrol for Business Literacy after each level to receive that particular level’s certificate?



Hi Suzanne

Thanks for your question.

The ICB examines Business Literacy at three NQF levels (3, 4 and 5) in one subject. The three levels have been bundled into one subject and the PoE and final exam will cover all three.

You’ll benefit from only having to enter and pay for one subject, but you get accredited at all three levels if you are declared competent in your exam. This saves you from having to complete three subjects. And although you do just one PoE and exam, it covers all three levels, and you’ll get three sets of results from the one exam – a result for each level.

If you fail one of the NQF levels, you will need to complete all three levels again, as Business Literacy is examined as a bundle.

Hope that helps!


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