Our Top Achievers lists each month are super popular! Ever wondered what it takes to make it onto that prestigious list?

It’s simple: The 10 students with the highest scores from that exam sitting make our Top Achievers list. (If there are more than 10, it means that two or more people got exactly the same mark.)

We do factor in decimal points in our top students’ results. So if we say ‘all Top Achievers got 97% or higher this month’, it is still possible that if you got 97% you might not make the list, as 10 other students got 0.x% higher than you.

Sometimes, we see exceptionally high results, meaning that you’d have to have achieved something amazing like 97% to make the list. In other months, the top 10 students may have slightly lower marks, meaning if you had 94% you’d make the grade. You just never know how bright the other students that you’re up against!

We will be communicating the percentage achieved by our Top Achievers more clearly from next month.

Congratulations again to all of you who have made the list!