From 2020, EDGE LEARNING MEDIA, are going to require reference numbers from ANYBODY that wants to order ICB books from them. So this means that they will either have to be an ICB provider or if they are a student, will have to provide an ICB Student number.

Currently, students are registering for study with distance providers or self-study, and getting materials etc, but only registering with ICB 9 months later or NEVER. So, this has been done to ensure that only valid students can order books.

BUT, this does not mean that a student has to register for an exam. It means that they have to create a profile on the Student Portal and get a student number – They do not have to pay the Annual reg fee either, just get a student number.

The benefit for providers is that we are clamping down on people just buying books and not registering, and for people that are buying books and illegally copying them and then distributing to self-study students.