Student Details

Success is in the details! And nowhere is this saying truer than in education. But let’s face it…no one likes double checking and sifting through nitty gritty details. However, taking that little extra time to make sure your records are accurate and every last detail is correct can save you A LOT of hassle in the future. Why? Here are a few examples:

  • A spelling mistake in a name will be printed on both your ICB and Fasset certificates. For ICB certificates, there is a fee to be paid by the student and Fasset are adamant that they don’t reprint spelling errors. Now that’s quite an awkward conversation to have with a future employer!
  • Incorrect e-mail addresses lead to communication problems. You will not receive important ICB emails such as exam confirmations or new timetable notifications.  And trust us, no one wants to be that student pitching up to the wrong exam.
  • Lastly, correct physical and postal addresses are important for the NLRD uploads as well as PoE delivery for correspondence students. Resources are vital for your success.

You can see why it’s worth that extra effort to double check! Before clicking “confirm student information” please make sure that names are spelt correctly, all fields are completed and that your personal details are correct. Then check again. Done? All set and ready to click confirm!