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Dear ICB My name is Khaukanani Kwinda and I come to you to apply for a bursary. I want to register for your Senior Bookkeeping programme, but I don't have enough money to register for it. I am working, but I get paid very little money and I struggle to further… Read more »

Dear ICB I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent services. I'd also like to send my greatest regards to your facilitators, INTEC and their impartial and experienced consultant, Johan, who introduced me to you and the whole college in general. My gratitude also goes to MSC Business… Read more »

Latest news

Your ICB/ACCA Registration Special: Be a Chartered Certified Accountant

With an ACCA qualification you can have all three... ACCA is the world’s fastest-growing gateway to the accountancy profession, helping people like you to become successful accounting professionals. The global reputation of ACCA is is such that they have over… Read more...

Top achievers: May 2017

Congratulations to the top students listed below for achieving 90% and higher in your May ICB exams! In order of highest result acheived are the following ICB Top Achievers:Khuselwa Bukiwe Ntshikose Bookkeeping to Trial BalanceIBTC - Correspondence (Sandton)100% Chevaughn Leesmann… Read more...

How to Become a SARS Tax Practioner

Who is a tax practitioner? A tax practitioner is someone who completes SARS returns on behalf of third parties for reward/a fee. A person who completes their own tax returns or the tax returns of their employer is not required… Read more...

Help ICB Help You - Assistance Available

The ICB has many support mechanisms available to you. You can e-mail the team on support@icb.org.za or live chat when you have a query or need help. Live chat is instant and can be accessed through www.icb.org.za. The live chat… Read more...

Larry Learner chats about how many ICB subjects you can do in a year - June 2017

Hi Larry, I have registered with the ICB and am studying Financial Accounting correspondently. I just wanted to ask if it is possible to do more than 4 modules in a year? I was looking at my prospectus and it… Read more...

Top achievers: April 2017

Congratulations to the top students listed below for achieving 90% and higher in your April ICB exams!    Heila Deminey Bookkeeping to Trial Balance Court Campus CC 98% Jocelyn Conradie  Cost and Management Accounting Incredible Skills 97% Denise De Wet… Read more...

Tips for Passing Multiple Choice Exams

Source: Center for Teaching Excellence Studying for multiple choice questions in an exam requires a special method of preparation. Some students feel that multiple choice questions are easier because the correct answer is guaranteed to be listed so one might score… Read more...
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