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From our students

Dear ICB My name is Leanda Swart and I am 25 years old. I'm from George in the Western Cape. At first, I started taking courses at Qualitas and paying for them myself. Then my employer offered me a bursary - one per year. But by accepting the bursaries, I need… Read more »

My name is Showneaz and I'm 33 years of age. I was born in Cape Town, but now live in Johannesburg. I'm currently employed as a receptionist. My husband encouraged me to start studying in 2013, because he believes in education and wanted me to further my education to better… Read more »


Already working?

Learnerships: Theory + on-the-job experience

If you’re working already and your employer is an ICB-accredited Workplace Training Provider, you could attain an ICB qualification via a Learnership. On the theory side, you undertake the ICB’s usual exams and compile the regular Portfolios of Evidence – or have your previous learning assessed by us. On the practical side, you complete our workplace Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), which is reviewed by an ICB-registered examiner.

Learnerships offer benefits to employees and incentives to employers. Some students even get their studies subsidised by their companies.

ICB qualifications that are available as learnerships

  • National Certificate Bookkeeping: NQF 3
  • FETC Bookkeeping: NQF 4
  • National Diploma Technical Financial Accounting: NQF 5
  • National Certificate Small Business Financial Management: NQF 4
  • Certificate Office Administration: NQF 5
  • Higher Certificate Office Administration: NQF 5
  • National Certificate Public Sector Accounting: NQF 4
  • Diploma Public Sector Accounting: NQF 5

Learnerships are available:

From your current employer, if they are registered as a workplace training provider with the ICB. If you are not employed, you may be able to apply for a learnership at a company*. In order to register for a learnership this way, you will need to sign an employment contract with them.

Please familiarise yourself with the ICB Learnership Policy and Procedures (PDF 417KB).

* Employers must be registered as workplace training providers with the ICB in order to offer our learnerships.


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