Why is it important to not miss an Academic Deadline?

Academic Deadlin

Academic deadlines start early when you start studying! From entry requirements to submissions of Portfolio of Evidence (PoE’s), Formatives, Summatives / Exams, Thesis and Dissertations.

Deadlines are essential for the smooth running of your organization. They keep work flowing, and ensure that everyone is working to an agreed end date.

As much as you want your College or University to be organized and well run and ready for you to join, you also want your summatives and exam papers prepared and ready. You also want your results and certificates promptly delivered so you can enter the workplace.  So it’s important for you to play your part in adhering to Academic timetables and Academic deadlines.

Academic deadlines is also a big part in preparing you for the big wide world and the real job market where deadlines are non-negotiable as part of your daily job.

Examples of Academic deadlines:

Academic deadlines can vary depending on the institution and the specific programme or course.

Common Academic deadlines:

  1. Application deadlines: These are deadlines by which you must submit your application to a programme or institution.
  2. Registration deadlines: These are the deadlines by which you must register for your courses for the upcoming semester or exams.
  3. Add/drop deadlines: These are deadlines in a tuition style institution where you an add/drop or change a course without penalty.
  4. Withdrawal deadlines: These are the deadlines by which you can withdraw from a course, usually reflected with a “W” on your transcript from a tuition institution.
  5. Assignment deadlines: These are deadlines by which you must submit your assignments.
  6. Exam deadlines: These are deadlines for completing exams.
  7. Thesis/dissertation deadlines: These are deadlines by which you must submit your thesis or dissertation.

It’s important to stay organized and keep track of these deadlines to ensure that you don’t miss any important dates.

Deadlines in the finance sector.

Academic deadlines prepare you well, especially for future work in the Finance sector.  Check this link to get an idea:


What do others say?

Academic Deadlines and its importance


Work Deadlines and its importance

Use the below as guidelines to google when searching the type of deadlines in the finance sector.

Academic Deadlines and its importance

Some implications if deadlines are missed

In the workplace, if deadlines are missed, it could mean penalties from e.g. SARS, or businesses being audited (over and above yearly audits) to check for non-compliance which puts the business at risk.  This is particularly important for Tax/SARS/UIF/SDL/COIDA.

What about not paying your suppliers on time and they then don’t supply the necessary services/equipment and supplies in the next month?

Can you imagine the implications if salary payday’s were missed? And maybe yours personally?

Popular excuses for missing deadlines


And of course in South Africa…. loadshedding. And as much as loadshedding is real, we know it’s a reality and needs to be dealt with. So leaners should, similar to  workers do in the workplace, plan around loadshedding schedules AND also plan ahead. Always work towards submission deadlines well before the deadline is due.

Example of Academic timetable and deadlines

At ICB we believe in time management and full preparation to give our learners and colleges all the tools to be best prepared.

Our courses cover Bookkeeping, Finance Management, Accounting, Business Management and Office Administration.  All educational and future careers that entail good time management and constant deadlines.

Below is an example of our Academic timetable and deadlines for each year found on our website.

Deadlines to be met when studying with the ICB