What is the ICB Marking Process?

What is the ICB Marking process and what does it entail?

What is the ICB Marking Process?

We regularly get asked why it takes so long to release the ICB results.  An entire marking and moderation process takes place to ensure that the results you receive have been marked and that moderation has taken place to ensure the academic integrity of your final result.

When you complete your exam, the examination scripts are collected by the invigilator and sent to the ICB.  Upon arrival at our offices, our team checks your script against the attendance register to ensure that we have received the correct answer paper from you.

Upon conclusion of this process, the scripts are bundled and sent through to our Chief Assessor, who records each script received against the registration list for that particular subject.  Scripts are then allocated to qualified assessors for marking.


The Assessor’s Role in the ICB Marking Process

Before the commencement of the ICB marking process, the Chief Assessor and the Assessors hold a standardisation meeting to review each question and the recommended marking memorandum to alleviate and prevent any ambiguity in the interpretation of questions and marks.

During the standardisation meeting, assessors carefully review and discuss the mark scheme to make sure they can all apply the marking scheme consistently.  For example, if an unexpected answer is given to a question, they will agree on how many marks to give all similar answers.

Once all scripts are marked, the chief assessor collates the results, and a sample is selected for moderation.  During the moderation process, each script is reviewed against the marking scheme to ensure that the scripts have been marked following the marking scheme.   Only after moderation has been concluded, the chief assessor and chief moderator review all results and, if necessary, adjust the results in line with the moderator’s comments.  Once the chief assessor and chief moderator have agreed on the results, the results are finalised and loaded into the ICB’s learner management system.

Before the release of the results, the Academic Board convenes to review any potential irregularities and decisions are made on the way forward.  The Academic Board also receives and reviews the reports from the Assessors and approves results for release.

This process ensures that the Academic Integrity of the ICB qualification is kept and adhered to.