What are CPD's?

What does CPD stand for?

The CPD acronym stands for Continuing Professional Development.


But what are CPD’s?

Let’s take the analogy of a surgeon. CPD is literally the lifeblood here! A surgeon is well qualified and experienced in his/her field, but you surely want to be in the hands of a Surgeon who is not only qualified and experienced, BUT also one who is completely up to date with advanced technology, and surgical advancements. Hence the benefits of CPD in various industries and the market place.

Just imagine surgeons in the past who cut from hip to hip. But now just think how key hole (laparoscopic) surgery has changed the life of surgeons and patients for the better!  Besides being less invasive, the healing process is so much quicker.

What formats are there to get CPD?

There are 3 main formats of CPD.  And as it says; Continuing Professional Development, it must be a combination approach.
This approach is a hybrid of approaches, ideas and techniques and will assist you to manage your own learning and growth:

  1. Interactive and participation study
  2. Reflective CPD/Passive Learning
  3. Informal CPD/Self-Directed Learning

What are some examples of CPD’s?

  • Mentoring/coaching others (and being coached) in your area of expertise and career field
  • Subject learning or advanced coach training
  • Mentoring new colleagues
  • Peer review and observation
  • Networking and involvement with community organizations or partners
  • Work shadowing
  • Team teaching
  • Attending business networking and official workshops and events or webinars.
  • Passive learning – reading up on updates relevant to your industry (books/articles/news)

CPD tracking

Anyone who takes their career seriously and wants to ensure they are always on the top of their game will need CPD points.

In various industries CPD points are tracked by a relevant Professional Body you belong to.  These are tracked in various formats dictated to by the relevant Professional Body you choose.  In most cases, it equates to 1 CPD point for each hour of learning.  This can be by way of attending webinars, networking events/seminars, study material etc.

What types of CPD points are there?

There are 2 main types of CPD that institutions look at:

  1. Verifiable:  Needs to be relevant to your career, and you need to provide evidence of the learning activity. (Workshop attendance, online courses, webinars, etc)
  2. Non-Verifiable: General learning not related to a specific topic.  (Eg General reading, networking, research, industry updates etc)

What are the benefits of CPD’s?

The focus of CPD is firmly on results – the benefits that professional development can bring you in the real working world.

Top Benefits of CPD’s:

  • Ensuring you are at the top of “your game” in your area of expetise and career growth
  • Making sure you improving in line with others (competitors) in your field
  • Being in a position to offer supreme service – and a differentiator to others in your network and industry
  • Access to experts in the field
  • Being up to date on trends and market changes and challenges
  • Always being in a position to be better at what you do
  • By such increasing your confidence and work offering
  • Keeping the “passion alive” in the enjoyment and job satisfaction in your daily working life.

Where to find CPD events?

  • Peer organizations
  • Local Chamber of Commerce in your area
  • Professional Bodies – for example in the Finance arena institutions such as SAIT, SAIBA, IASP, IAAP to name just a few.
  • SETA’s are also a source
    There are various SETA’s for different industries i.e MerSeta (mechanical) HWSETA (medical) or in the world of Finance, there is FASSET the Financial SETA equivalent
  • Webinars advertised on social media
  • Peer learning within your organization or out by way of mentoring

These are just a few ideas to source credible CPD information

CPD specifically for finance!

For those studying towards AND/OR working in Finance or similar sectors, but not limited to:

  • Business Management and or Business Management Courses/Business Studies
  • Office Administration or Office Administration Courses
  • Administration
  • Financial Accounting
  • Bookkeeping Courses and/or a career in Bookkeeping

This is for you. With the ICB, you will be able to get you on track with CPD events this year.

How can we help you?

ICB is an examination body (not a tuition provider) in the field of Finance, Office Administration Qualifications which are registered on the NQF levels 3 -6 and we act as a Quality Assurance Partner to QCTO.

As a VALUE add and to assist you in keeping yourself current and updated, awe are offering Webinars that our students and members of the public. This is done to ensure you are on the top of your game with continuous development and additional knowledge.  This will help you accumulate CPD points (1 point per 1 hour of learning) with a digital certificate. And to keep you abreast of industry and career developments and progress.  This will allow you to stand out in the Crowd!

Keep an eye on our website www.icb.org.za for upcoming webinars, where we have amazing speakers with a wealth of informative and motivating content!


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