What does an Exam Invigilator do?

Exam Invigilator

In a nutshell an Invigilator is there to ensure complete fairness in Examinations.

Examinations play a vital role in the overall assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of a subject.  Fairness and integrity are the essence of an exam process and the presence of an Invigilator is a crucial part.

An Invigilator is often an “unseen” figure on exam days but they play a crucial role for an honest and unbiased environment.

Roles the Invigilator plays:

  1. Creation of a safe and secure environment: An invigilator will establish a controlled environment for the exams, this includes the set up prior to students arrival and all necessary exam papers etc are sorted.
  2. Seating arrangements and logistics: The invigilator ensues the set up, the seating arrangements, proper lighting, ventilation and removal of any unauthorized materials. Also, to remove any objects that could potentially be used to cheat by students.
  3. Explanation of Exam rules and regulations: Settling the students the invigilator facilitates the exam rules and expectations. Instructions on completion of the exam, clarify any uncertainties, and also to remind students of the gravity of cheating.
  4. Monitoring the Examination: During the examination, the invigilator’s role is to diligently monitor the students to maintain an atmosphere of fairness. They keep a watchful eye for any signs of cheating, such as unauthorized communication, use of prohibited materials, or suspicious behaviour. In addition, they ensure that the students maintain a respectful and focused environment to minimize distractions. (Read more on Academic Integrity)
  5. Assisting students but all the while maintaining the integrity and fairness of the examination. An invigilator will address technical issues, exam procedures and handle any emergencies within the exam.
  6. An invigilator’s main task is to observe irregularities and suspicious behaviour, misconduct and potential cheating. This could involve warnings, confiscating of unauthorized materials or reporting to the various Examination Body or Professional Body.

An invigilators role is crucial to upholding the fairness and credibility of the exam: 


Invigilators play a significant role in ensuring the smooth conduct of examinations and maintaining the integrity of the assessment process. They create a secure environment, explain exam rules, monitor students, assist when needed, and handle any irregularities that may arise. By fulfilling their responsibilities diligently, invigilators contribute to the fairness and reliability of academic evaluations, enabling students to demonstrate their true knowledge and abilities.