Various Types of Tax Practitioner Career Paths

Tax Practitioner

Various types of Tax Practitioner Career Paths

Considering a career as Tax Practitioner but don’t know where to start or what avenue’s or area’s of specialty there are?

Being a Tax Consultant or Tax Practitioner can be such a rewarding career.  If you love numbers, analytical, and good at problem solving and like diversity and challenge, then this is an excellent choice.  It not only provides career and job satisfaction, it is also a lucrative career choice.

Being a Tax Advisor also comes with the responsibility of looking after your client/s financial security and stability, these clients can be individuals or businesses.

Being compliant and up to date is critical in this industry so joining a professional body and keeping up to date with CPD is a must.

Not sure where to start?  Let’s help with a few basic steps to get you going?

  1. How to become a SARS Tax Practitioner
  1. What is a Typical day of Tax Practitioner -Please check this link


  1. How to become and stay compliant in SA. – Please check this link


4. There are a number of Designations that one can pursue in tax environment and careers – you may wonder what does a Designation means?

Certainly, becoming a Tax Consultant or Tax Practitioner is an excellent career choice with so much diversity and growth opportunities.  One can branch out in so many different specialist fields. will give you options


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