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General questions

They range from six months to 3 years, depending on which course you register for. Each subject in the course should take about 48 hours of study before you write the final exam.

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No, the ICB does not run courses. These are done by our accredited training providers (colleges) who are there to give you training, course materials, textbooks, study guides and tuition support. The ICB only provides you with your Portfolio of Evidence, which is the Assignments and Tests that you need to complete, before you do your final exam.

We do not encourage this but technically, yes you can. Studying this way though means you will have no access to tutor support from any college, the textbook publishers or the ICB.

No. If you’ve chosen this route, you’ve opted to study completely solo. You’ll have to find the answers yourself through your family, friends, colleagues or the internet.

The ICB doesn’t send out course materials or assist with theory/technical queries. Our accredited training providers run courses and they will send you your materials.

If you are an independent student studying privately on your own, you will need to obtain your own course material that covers the outcomes of the subject.

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These fees are used by the ICB to cover the student costs that do not relate specifically to exams – things like administration costs and student support services. The ICB recovers these expenses in the form of an annual student registration fee, rather than increasing our exam fees. This is in line with most academic institutions worldwide.

The fee is charged per academic year, as most students start their studies in the first few months of the year. It’s entirely your decision to start later in the year, but the full fee for the year is still payable.

If a student enters for an exam in the following calendar year, the annual registration fee for that following year also becomes payable at the time of entry for the exam.

Exam related questions

It is a way of checking that you know and understand all the content of the learning areas you’ve studied.

We’ll send your PoE within 3-4 weeks of receiving your exam entry. If you are doing classroom-based study, we’ll send your PoE directly to your college. Distance learning students will receive their Portfolios of Evidence via courier (please make sure you have provided a physical address on the Student Portal, where we can send your PoE to so it can be signed for during office hours). Please enter for your exams as early as possible, so that you have enough time to receive your PoE and work through it as part of your learning process.

Most colleges conduct formal exams for classroom students every month, but first check with yours when they’re doing the exams for the subjects you’re interested in. Exams for distance learning and independent students take place at the ICB-approved examination centres around southern Africa in February, May, August and November. Have a look at the exam timetables here.

The ICB arranges examination venues throughout southern Africa and a detailed list is available here. If you live and work more than 200km from an official ICB examination centre, you can submit a Private Invigilator Application to the ICB with the prescribed fee, which will be considered on an individual basis. If a new centre opens after you’ve submitted your application, we reserve the right to allocate you to it.

No. To be allowed to write a final exam for a subject, you must have entered the exam for that subject, paid for it, had the ICB confirm your registration – and you must have done all the coursework for the subject too.

Make sure you are registered as an ICB student by submitting the Student Details Form – you must be registered in order to be examined for our programmes. Complete the Exam Entry Form and submit it along with the correct exam fee to the ICB, indicating the date you want to sit the exam. Ten days after we’ve received your application, we’ll send you a confirmation letter and your Portfolio of Evidence will follow.

If you need to postpone your exam before your final exam date, check the Exam Timetables to see the postponement cut-off dates for each exam cycle. If you are on time, you can postpone by paying the postponement fee.

If you need to postpone your final exam because you’re ill on the day, you can apply for a free postponement (include a doctor’s certificate with your request), which may be issued at the ICB’s discretion.

You may only postpone to the next exam sitting. You cannot postpone further ahead than this, because you run the risk of the materials/curriculum being out of date. Should you wish to choose a date further in the future, you would need to re-enter for the exam from the start and receive the latest Portfolio of Evidence. Please note that the annual updated Portfolios are only available from November each year, for the following year.

Please also review Section 5 of the ICB Examination Policy for all the rules and regulations.

You’ll need to register for your exams as soon as you start your studies so that we can send you your Portfolio of Evidence, which you start compiling right away.

Once you’ve entered for an exam for an ICB subject, you will be sent a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) – a folder to which you must add the Assignments and Tests which you do throughout the subject. This must be handed in with your final exam papers. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have the correct PoE for each of your subjects.

Your PoE folder also contains the Portfolio Administration Guide, which tells you how to complete your PoE. It contains important forms which you must fill in and you must add your completed Portfolio Administration Guide to your PoE and hand everything in at your final assessment. Read through the Portfolio Administration Guide and the Examination Policy in it very carefully, and follow the instructions. Start working through your PoE right away – use it to guide your learning.

No, you need to make 100% sure that everything is included in your PoE before you submit it. The ICB cannot accept any additional materials for marking after you’ve handed it in.

You will be allocated to the next available date at a venue that is closest to you. Unfortunately due to the high number of exam entries that we receive throughout the year, we cannot contact each person who has left out the date or venue on their entry form. Please click here for a list of venues, and check out the Exam Timetables for dates.

Each subject requires a Portfolio of Evidence, which consists of two types of assessments:

  • Assignments and Tests
    These are standardised assignments and tests you do during your studies that help you prepare for your final exam.
  • Final Exam
    Your final exam is also set by the ICB and is conducted formally at an accredited examination centre.

Yes, you need to add these to your Portfolio of Evidence and hand everything in together with your final exam papers on the day of your final exam.

Nope, sorry. Past papers are not available because if outcomes change, past papers will be outdated – and we need to protect the credibility of the papers. Your course materials (which do contain sample questions) and the ICB Assignments and Tests that go into your PoE will prepare you for the questions in your final exam. Please speak to your training provider if you feel you need extra help.

Yes, you have one month after your results are released within which to apply for a re-mark. Download, complete and submit the Application Form for Re-mark and pay the exam re-mark and examiners report fee. An assessor and a moderator will review your entire Portfolio of Evidence and compile a detailed Re-mark Report for you.

Please refer to Section 6 of our Examination Policy so that you are familiar with the process before you request the re-mark.

The ICB result release dates are about 7 weeks after the final exam date. These are listed on the Exam Timetables. The marking process consists of quite a number of steps – from couriering, preparation, separation and sending to Assessors, to marking and reviewing. This is a very intensive process and we have very strict quality assurance measures. And in some exam cycles we may have more than 10,000 Portfolios of Evidence to get through!

The ICB examines NQF Level 3, 4 and 5 in one subject – one Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and one final exam. We’ve bundled the three levels into one subject, so that the PoE content and the final exam covers all the levels sufficiently. The benefit is that you only have to enter and pay for one subject, but get accredited at all three levels. This saves you having to complete three separate subjects.

You will get a result for each level. If you fail one of the levels (you are ‘not yet competent’) and would like to rewrite the subject, you will need to complete all three levels again in order to pass the subject.

We might still be waiting for certain compliance issues to be dealt with by your training provider, before we are able to release your results to them. If this is the case, the ICB will be in communication with your college, and working with them to get the outstanding issues resolved as soon as possible. Please stay in contact with your provider for updates on their progress.

Questions about Recognition of Prior Learning

Yes, this may be possible. For more information, click here.

This is the granting of exemptions or credits for previous studies at an accredited institution or relevant past work experience.

If you have studied through an accredited training provider already, you’ll need to send certified copies of your results to the ICB for evaluation. If you have work experience, you may apply for credits based on this. You’ll be asked to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), which we will supply to you. Once you have completed the PoE, you’ll have to send it back to the ICB where we will evaluate it and then let you know whether your application for RPL credits has been approved or not. You’ll need to send us your recognition of Prior Learning form and Exemption Review Fee for each application.

The ICB’s Prior Learning Evaluation Committee meets twice a month. After their decision, our administration team has to compile documents for you to complete. The whole process should take no more than six weeks once we’ve received your application.

Questions about Learnerships

Yes, you must be employed. Your employer must be accredited by the ICB as a Workplace Training Provider to offer our learnerships.

No, you will need to approach companies yourself.

Unfortunately not. We are not a training provider. The ICB’s role in learnerships is to assess your theoretical work, and your practical experience (your Workplace PoE).

Questions about Bursaries

Currently there are no bursaries available.

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