Taking fear out of the ICB Quality Monitoring Visits (QMVs) for Colleges

ICB Quality Monitoring Visits (QMVs) for Colleges

It goes without saying that QMVs are the crux of the ICB’s quality management and compliance process. We do however understand that being on the receiving end of a QMV or any inspection and audit can be quite stressful or even somewhat scary and intimidating.

Our take on QMVs:

We are always excited to have face to face interactions with our providers, perhaps even over a hot cup of tea. The QMVs give us an opportunity to provide guidance, define and clarify expectations, interact with ICB students and facilitators to get direct feedback and build long lasting relationships with Providers. We also find that the QMVs can be a learning curve for some providers and an opportunity to seek clarification and there is no doubt that such interactions always yield great results.

Let’s bust some myths about QMVs shall we:

Myth:  ICB Inspectors are “corporate police” and are out to find fault
Fact:  ICB Inspectors are friendly and they treat findings as an opportunity to facilitate improvement and help Providers accomplish objectives. The QMVs process aims to identify risks, and issues of non-compliance and to find ways forward for the betterment of the organisation and services.

Myth: You either fail or pass a QMV
Fact: ICB Inspectors highlight both findings and areas of good practice during QMVs. In cases where there are findings, the Provider would be deemed non-compliant in that particular area only and the ICB would suggest corrective action to rectify the findings.

Myth: Quality Monitoring is the sole responsibility of Inspectors
Fact: Quality Monitoring must begin internally with each organisation’s Quality Management System which should be aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating noncompliance, improving quality and customer satisfaction in the most competent, cost and time effective manner.

Changes to the QMV Process:

Although we strive to send the QMV meeting requests at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure that Providers have sufficient time to prepare for the QMVs, we still hit a stumbling block when it comes to QMV meeting confirmations which negatively impacts our schedule and traveling arrangements.

Going forward, the ICB will notify Providers about QMVs in advance and the Providers would be required to avail themselves on the proposed date, therefore the availability of Providers or the relevant staff on the proposed date would now be compulsory. Remember, the duration of QMVs is only 2-3 hours.


So here is what NOT to do the next time you receive a QMV invite or meeting request:

  • Do not decline the QMV meeting request
  • Do not ignore the meeting request
  • Do not request to postpone to a later date unnecessarily
  • Do not wait until last minute to confirm or respond to the e-mail


If you have any queries or concerns, please feel free to email support@icb.org.za. We trust and thank you for your cooperation in making QMVs a breeze!