Why would you be interested in Recognition of Prior Learning?

RPL is definitely of increasing interest to people already in the workplace who never quite got round to completing their qualifications.  Now the challenge is you being surpassed in your career and workplace by other candidates, in some cases younger than yourself, just because you don’t have the qualification or Certificate.

But, you may ask what about all your experience? You have concerns of starting at the very beginning in the study journey and just don’t have time or resources?  Recognition of Priori Learning takes the experience you have gained into consideration, as learning does not just take place in a classroom environment.  RPL applications take your work experience and/or previous study credits into consideration and fast tracks you to complete the necessary modules you need to obtain the qualification.

Watch this short video to explain the concept:


  1. Career Advancement:
    If you are considering advancing in your career. You have the work experience but just get passed by on that promotion because you don’t have the certificate and qualification?  RPL can fast track you to obtain the qualification without starting from the very beginning.
  2. Educational Efficiency:
    You need the qualification to unpack how RPL can fast-track your educational journey, so you don’t have to start at the very beginning.
  3. Inclusivity in Learning:
    RPL promotes inclusivity by recognizing a diverse range of learning experiences. If you value educational systems that acknowledge and appreciate the varied ways people acquire knowledge,
  4. Personal Development:
    Learning doesn’t always happen within traditional classroom settings. If you believe in the power of continuous personal development and lifelong learning, an RPL can recognize non-formal and informal learning.
  5. Navigating Educational Challenges:
    If you’ve faced challenges in the traditional education system, such as time constraints or financial limitations, a RPL programme can fast track this for you.
  6. Understanding Recognition Processes:
    If you understand RPL better you can establish which institutions offer RPL for your particular career path.
  7. Empowerment Through Learning:
    RPL is not just about recognizing skills; it’s about empowering individuals by acknowledging their unique learning journeys.
  8. Educational Innovation:
    For those interested in the evolving landscape of education and innovative approaches to learning assessment RPL concept is reshaping traditional education.

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