How to Study Financial Accounting?

Get qualified as a Financial Accountant


Financial Accountants are critical and essential to any organization, as they are the lifeblood of the financial health and future growth of the Business.

Financial Accountants are responsible for the generation and distribution of Financial Statements and Annual Reports.  Companies use this for their business planning, monitoring risks and cashflow, but it is also looked at by Banks, Suppliers and Legislative bodies such as SARS.


With ICB you can start the study path to success even if you only have a Grade 10 as you do not have to have a matric to study with the ICB.

The ICB’s most popular pathway is that of Financial Accounting. Below you can see exactly which subjects are in each level and how each level builds on one another.

Once you enrol you will start with 4 subjects and upon successfully completing it, you will be qualified as a Bookkeeper with an NQF level 3. After that you can continue with 2 more subjects to become a Senior Bookkeeper. From here you can move onto NQF level 5 and become an Accounting Technician.
Once an Accounting Technician, you only need 4 more subjects to become a Financial Accountant.

Study Financial Accounting


Once you have selected to study Financial Accounting, all you need to do is decide on HOW you want to study. You have different options, from studying face-to-face, to distance, online or blended. Read this article to see all the options available to you.

So, don’t delay submit your details today to reach your goal of being a Financial Accountant.