RPL Blog

Ready to apply to the RPL? Feel you have the relevant experience and/or qualifications and credits necessary? Then it’s time to download the RPL application form.

Please click here to download.

Please note that this link also provides detailed guidelines for students and/or College to read.

The following documents need to be submitted with the initial application:

  • Student details form
  • Copy of the payment deposit slip / proof of payment
  • Official copies of previous course results (transcript of results), obtained from a registered/accredited training provider. Note: Foreign qualifications need a SAQA “Certificate of Evaluation” included
  • A detailed CV explaining your work experience and including references from relevant jobs
  • A copy of ID book
  • A letter from the Manager confirming work experience (if applicable)

If the RPL Review Board have further requirements this will be communicated in due time.

Have additional questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us on live chat or e-mail support@icb.org.za with RPL Application as the subject line.