Reference to ICB Programmes as Skills Programmes
We have recently come across many Provider Websites referencing ICB Programmes as Skills Programmes in relation to ICB courses on offer. Please remember that all references to the ICB courses or subjects as skills programmes and/or unit standard based is not permitted and needs to be removed immediately.  
Also any reference to Fasset issuing skills programme certificates or unit standard based certificates for ICB programmess must also be removed. The correct terms to use are ICB programmes or you can refer to the levels within the programme streams ie foundation level or intermediate level. Subjects can be referred to as subjects within the programmes. ICB subjects are not stand alone courses but form part of a full qualification and each programme consists of 3 levels except the Financial Accounting Program which has 4 levels.
For further guidance, please consult the prospectus.  Any Provider using the incorrect terminology will be contacted and asked to remove the references and provide confirmation when done.