Larry Learner

Good day Larry,

I just want to find out, if I have short course certificates from UNISA, which are HEQF levels and not NQF, will that count at all or will I have to start at the Foundation level for the Financial Accounting qualification?

Regards, Karin

Hi Karin,

Your best bet is to check out our Curriculum Statements and if you can see that some of the learning outcomes match what you studied, you should get exempted for that subject. The only way to find out for sure though is to apply.

The ICB exemptions process is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). To apply you must first read the Guidelines for RPL, then, submit the supporting documents listed in the guide and pay the RPL administration fee of R440.

Here is the guide for your review, please read through it in full.

The ICB will review your application and offer you credits based on subjects you’ve already passed, or ask you to complete an RPL Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) if you receive a conditional exemption (opposed to a full exemption).

Once granted, it costs R370 to secure a full exemption (1 subject) and R900 for a partial exemption which includes a Portfolio of Evidence that you must complete and send back to get the full subject credit, so you need to consider that when applying also.

I hope this answers your questions and do let me know, should you need more information.

Don’t forget that I’m here to answer your questions about the ICB, the courses on offer, or just queries about your accounting studies. All you have to do is email me!