Feeling vulnerable, invest in yourself!

Invest in yourself

Ever have the feeling of insecurity?

Insecurity and feeling of being vulnerable comes in all shapes and forms. With regards to the workplace and earning potential we all have many.

Have the need to get into the job market, promotions passing you by, getting a little lost in the crowd? Has the need to earn additional money or the next better position or the promotion often come to mind?

We all have these set backs and the negative mindset that comes with that:

  • Why am I not good enough?
  • I don’t have a matric and worried about my or my child’s future. (Read here for some options)
  • I only have a matric and no tertiary qualification. (There is hope. Have a look here)
  • I only have part studies and not achieved that full qualification.
  • I’m too old to improve, or study further (Think you don’t have time to study. Read here and see what you can do with your time confetti).

How to turn Vulnerable into a positive?

Ever heard of Professor, Researcher and Story Teller Brené Brown?  And by Story Teller we are talking a person sharing data shared with personality!

Invest in yourself


Vulnerability is the very core of all of us. We never want to share because we think “SHAME, REGRET, FEAR, STRUGGLE WITH SELF WORTH.

But to shift the mindset from the negative (glass half empty) to a ‘mindshift’ of positive (glass half full) comes when you invest in yourself! Acknowledging and “owning” that vulnerability is also the new birthplace to JOY, CREATIVITY, SOLUTIONS, a SENSE OF BELONGING.

Change that mindset of “I’m not good enough” to “I am enough”.


Study options available for you with No Matric or only a Matric or Part Qualification.

There is no better time that NOW to invest in yourself. Even if you don’t have a matric or only a matric. Of you have a part qualification – there is a path for you if previous lack of studies has held you back. Not only can you get a qualification, but you can make yourself employable AND indispensable.

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And see what you can do with your experience or part-qualification.

Career options are open to you with an ICB qualification behind your name:


Invest in yourself with a in Financial Accounting

What others are saying:

How easy is it to invest in yourself?

It has never been easier to change that mindset to mindshift positive.  If we feed our minds negative thoughts we will be negative, but shifting to glass half full, our perspective on life and our personal capabilities change.

So contact us today to change your vulnerability and change it to you investing in you! Move to a new birthplace of joy and opportunity and have a look at our Office Administration, Financial and Business Qualifications and invest in yourself.


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