Fasset Qualification Certificates

Many students and colleges have been enquiring about the Fasset certification process, we explain the process below:

When a learner is registered with the ICB we send the personal and programme information to Fasset to be uploaded.  As soon as a learner has been declared competent in all the modules that make up a qualification (e.g. National Certificate: Bookkeeping), the ICB will upload their achievement details or final results to Fasset, who then processes, print and issues the learner’s certificate to ICB. Fasset’s turnaround time for printing and despatching the certificate is six weeks from the time they receive the learner’s full information from ICB. If any of the three reports (person, programme and achievement) is unsuccessful we would correct the data and upload the reports again with Fasset. These certificates will then be issued in the next certificate print run.

Whilst the ICB waits for your Fasset certificate to be printed, we issue you with an ICB programme certificate and a full transcript of your results, these should serve as proof of your completed qualification.

The ICB receives certificates in batches, that means we get a large batch of certificates approximately once every month.  All batches of certificates received by from Fasset immediately go through a stringent quality assurance process to check whether we received all certificates requested and to verify that the details on the certificates are correct. This also enables us to immediately identify any outstanding or erroneous certificates on the batch. Should there be any issues with the batch, the ICB sends a report back to Fasset to facilitate a process of rectifying the issues. Fasset then re-issues these certificates in the next certificate print run which will delay the turnaround time of learners receiving their certificates.

Once the quality assurance process is completed, the certificates are then sent to the learner’s college or the learner’s registered address within a period of 3 weeks from the date on which the certificates were received from Fasset.

If we’ve not received your certificate from Fasset with the requested batch, we send a follow up report to Fasset with your details. Fasset rechecks all your information as to why your certificate was not received. If there are not any issues Fasset will print with the next certificate print run.

Students and colleges are reminded that according to Fasset, requests for re-certification or reprints are only permitted on lost, damaged or correction of historic data. Fasset is not responsible to reissue certificates due to trainee’s marriage status/surname change as surname was correct when data was initially received.