What is an Examination Body? 

ICB as an examination body

What is an Examination Body? 

An examination body is an organization that is responsible for designing, developing, and administering examinations.  These bodies can operate at National or International level and cover a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

The Examinations process is a critical role in the education system.   As a function, it not only provides a way for students to demonstrate their subject matter knowledge, but for institutions to evaluate the effect and end result of their teaching methods.  This is complex and must be non-biased at all times and hence Examination bodies provide and manage this process.

What are the functions of an Examination Body

The primary function of examination body is to develop and administer exams.  This can involve activities, exam content, setting exam standards and scoring of the exams.

The most important function of an examination body is to ensure integrity, non-bias, valid and reliable exams.  Validity means the exam measurements are in place to ensure it is measuring the correct learning sectors, consistency when measuring and ensuring the accuracy of the exam scoring.  This requires a lot of work behind the scenes which includes pilot testing, analysis and statistical analysis of each exam cycle and the results.

Can you study through an examination body?

As an Examination Body has to be neutral and non-biased, they cannot also then provide tuition or tuition support, as that would then compromise this vital role in the Education link.

Tuition and study materials would then need to be provided by accredited, vetted third parties.

As such an Examination Body cannot be seen as giving advice, or showing learners where they went wrong in tests, assignments and examinations. That is the role of the tuition provider.

Can you imagine an Examination Body sitting with each learner to show them where they went wrong? That would just throw the integrity of the exam sitting out of the window!  Then it would be teaching learners to pass instead of measuring their subject matter knowledge.

ICB as an Examination Body 


ICB as an examination body



Examination bodies play a vital role in the education system, providing evaluation and assessing effectiveness of teaching methods. This ensures validity and reliability of exams.

Examination bodies ensure integrity of the quality of education and most importantly, learners’ future careers.

The need for international recognition is becoming paramount, and for this reason the importance of examination bodies will continue to grow.

Lastly, and PROUDLY, ICB plays an important role in promoting professional standards and supporting the development of bookkeepers and other financial professionals.


Need Tuition Support?

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