Easy explanation of RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

easy explanation

Heard about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and or Exemptions and don’t exactly know what that means? Or wonder if you qualify? Let’s dive in and give an easy explanation.



The term “recognition of prior learning” should be understood as a process, undertaken by qualified personnel, of identifying, documenting, assessing and certifying a person’s competencies, acquired through formal, non-formal or informal learning, based on established qualification standards.


What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – an easy explanation:

This is a process that allows individuals to gain formal recognition for skills and knowledge they have acquired through work experience, informal learning, or other non-formal means. In education and training, RPL is a way to acknowledge and credit a person’s existing skills and knowledge.


This short video explains it well.


Now you might wonder what is Credits and how do they work?  Check this blog article out to explain

What industries can people normally qualify for an RPL?

Why would you be interested in RPL?


RPL is an amazing way to take all the previous learning you have achieved, either by credits of past (but incomplete studies) to take your Credits into consideration and/or your previous but relevant work experience into the equation and as such give you the much needed Qualification and Certificate. This could be the difference of the dream job or the much wanted job promotion. This qualification could then also assist you with articulation paths for further studies i.e Advanced Diploma or Degree options.


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