Do you value Academic Integrity?


As Examination body, irregularities are priority to manage within the Education landscape. As such during the examination process, identifying these lead to the disqualification of some exams in order to uphold the integrity of the examination process and qualifications.

Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of the examination process is unwavering, and we take these irregularities seriously.

With exams, both exams in a physical room and an online exam, the invigilation starts as one enters the room (physical and online) right up until the result release date.

This means for example online exams can be watched, flagged, reviewed many times by a variety of invigilators and academic staff – not just the day of the exam.  Just like paper exams can be reviewed after for plagiarism, or reports received from the invigilators or other means.


We will continue to take steps to strengthen our examination processes to prevent similar irregularities in the future. Your feedback and input on how we can improve are invaluable to us.

Students now have the benefit of writing exams in the comfort and security of their own home/workplace/friends house.  All the more reason that strict and ever evolving methods are in place to safeguard the integrity of these exams.

If strict proctoring and academic integrity was not put in placeEducation merit would decrease dramatically and as such workplace and employment opportunities would also decrease.  So if the affected minority of students do not comply and are affected by means of disqualification. then we as an Examation Body are then effectively doing our job!

Safeguarding integrity then is for the benefit of our students and future generations.