Business Administrator

What is a typical day for a Business Administrator?

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A typical day for a Business Administrator can vary depending on the specific industry, company and job responsibilities. Overview of typical day for a Business Administrator: Planning and organization plays a huge role in this type of…
Choosing the right qualification for you

How to choose the right qualification for you

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In today's competitive job market, having the right qualification can make all the difference in advancing your career and achieving your professional goals. However, with numerous options, choosing the right qualification can take time and…
RPL steps to follow

Where to start with RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

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Not sure where to start with RPL? Follow these simple 7 steps when you want to apply for RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning.

What are the differences between a Diploma and a Degree?

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Degree vs Diploma. Which one? A diploma and a degree are both academic credentials that indicate that a certain level of education has been achieved. What are the main differences? Time Frames: Diplomas are usually shorter than degrees. Diplomas can…

Didn’t get into a University or your College of choice?

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Did your dream of studying at a University not work out? Don't stress, as there are options for you, even if you don't have a matric.
Motivation in your studies

How to stay motivated in your studies

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Motivation in general is hard in today’s rat race. Motivating oneself to further progress can be challenging when you try juggling a career, possibly children and family, let alone studies and exams. Some tips to stay motivated: Set…
ICB as an examination body

What is an Examination Body? 

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What is an Examination Body?  An examination body is an organization that is responsible for designing, developing, and administering examinations.  These bodies can operate at National or International level and cover a wide range of subjects…
Invest in yourself

Feeling vulnerable, invest in yourself!

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Ever have the feeling of insecurity? Insecurity and feeling of being vulnerable comes in all shapes and forms. With regards to the workplace and earning potential we all have many. Have the need to get into the job market, promotions passing…
Do you have an incomplete qualification?

What can you do with an incomplete qualification?

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The statistics indicate that over 40% of students (and the scary thing is, this number is growing) don't complete their qualifications and are forced to settle for an incomplete qualification. This is due to various reasons, from financial…
What are CPD's?

What is CPD?

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What does CPD stand for? The CPD acronym stands for Continuing Professional Development.   But what are CPD's? Let's take the analogy of a surgeon. CPD is literally the lifeblood here! A surgeon is well qualified and experienced…