ID and exam irregularities

Exams and presentation of identity documents and disqualification

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There is an increase in students becoming disgruntled about being disqualified in the exam process, and feeling that the presentation of the ID is something insignificant.  Some students feel that because they have seen complaints on platforms…
Exam Invigilator

What does an Invigilator do?

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In a nutshell an Invigilator is there to ensure complete fairness in Examinations. Examinations play a vital role in the overall assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of a subject.  Fairness and integrity are the essence…
Regulated Qualification

The Benefits of a Regulated Qualification

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In today's competitive job market, obtaining qualifications is crucial for individuals looking to enhance their career prospects. While various types of qualifications are available, regulated qualifications hold significant advantages. Regulated…

What does articulation mean in Education terms?

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In education, articulation refers to the process of connecting two or more educational institutions or programmes so that students can move between them more seamlessly. The goal of articulation is to ensure that students can transfer their…

What do Credits mean in a Qualification and why are they important?

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A Credit in a qualification typically represents the amount of learning achieved by a student in a specific module or course. It is a standardized measure of the amount of time and effort required to complete the learning outcomes of a module. In…
ICB as an examination body

What is an Examination Body? 

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What is an Examination Body?  An examination body is an organization that is responsible for designing, developing, and administering examinations.  These bodies can operate at National or International level and cover a wide range of subjects…
Credible Colleges - what to look for

What is a Credible College?

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What is a Credible College? Spam, fly-by-nights, fraudsters ..... Terminology we hear everyday and certainly never want to come across, especially when looking for a credible college. Where are you? Have your parents been saving for years…

Why you can’t afford NOT to have an ICB Qualification

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Thinking of studying a financial programme? Fascinated by economics, business or bookkeeping? While rewarding career paths, the financial world is in its nature very competitive. Finding a good job – never mind a job you’re passionate about…
Accounting Career


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The ICB wishes to once again remind its accredited training providers that as Skills Development Providers (SDPs) you are required to register as private colleges with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The due date for…