Am I guilty of time confetti?

Use your time confetti to better your lifestyle

What is Time Confetti?

Ever heard the term TIME CONFETTIThis is a new phenomenon which amounts to “little bits of seconds and minutes lost to unproductive multitasking”.

We might not even know it, but we all carry TIME CONFETTI in our daily lives.  Have you ever been to a wedding and the confetti is generously and fabulously spread out above around the happy Bride and Groom.  Between everyone spraying the delicate paper and the wind, there is literally confetti in all directions. Not to mention that fact that is is super difficult to gather and clean up after.

Now thinking a bit differently about it. We are all guilty of being addicted to or in love with all forms of technology, smart phones and all social media applications. And this is where Time Confetti comes in.  We are all intentionally (and sometimes not) constantly multi-tasking. In-between mails, have you checked your whatsapp messages or social media responses? Whilst reading this article, have you perhaps glanced at other devices, just in case?

Chamath Palihapitiya (former Vice President of User Growth at Facebook) reminds us; “So you’re training your brain here, whether you think it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not.  These things, where you are spending hours a day, are rewiring your psychology and physiology.

Are you guilty of Time Confetti?

If you allow yourself to be constantly distracted, can you conclusively say that you are managing your time effectively? Are you able to give your priority task the time and attention it deserves? Can you say you are fully in tune and connected to those around you and the job at hand? Are you present in the present, so to speak.

Food for thought; constant distractions increase stress, and can be an energy drainer.

What does the statistics say?

Statistics indicate that the average South African spends 10 hours and 6 minutes online every single day. Whether this is for work, general browsing and/or on social media.  And we all have been there – busy watching a movie, but still on the side monitoring our phone, answering messages, checking Facebook, etc, etc.

Another staggering statistic is that the average person spends on average 36 days, 18 hours and 5 minutes scrolling through social media per year!

So when we say we don’t have time for ourselves and family OR we don’t have time to invest in ourselves to study further to better our circumstances, then we need to ask ourselves – how much time confetti am I guilty of?

Can you use and change your time confetti?

Have you ever wanted to study further, improve your earning potential and lifestyle but thought ‘Wow, I just don’t have the time?’

Have you wanted to pursue a career in Financial Management, Office Administration or Business Management?

Ever wondered if you could have a job title like Accountant, Bookkeeper, etc?

Considering all the time you are scattering around like confetti, the answer is simple. YES, you can use that time to study further and improve your earnings and lifestyle. And ICB has the solution for you. If you are able to manage your time, we can offer you an opportunity to study further with flexible arrangements:

  1. You choose when to study
  2. You choose what to study
  3. You choose how to study
  4. You choose when to write exams
  5. You can choose to study in a modular fashion and plan around your time limitations, your financial limitations, family commitments and work commitments.  You can even take a break inbetween for say example, maternity leave, a honeymoon, etc.
  6. What if we told you, you can start at an NQF3 level and move to NQF6 and even progress with articulation plans to a higher education for a Degree! Have a look at all our programmes here; where each programme range from an NQF3 to an NQF6.

With the ICB this is all possible!

What now?

Take control of your Time Confetti.

Set your goals firmly in mind and invest in yourselves and your loved ones and contact the ICB today and use your time confetti wisely;