The smooth running of exams is important for the learners, the providers and the ICB.  We have compiled a list of 7 things exam invigilators need to do in order to ensure the exam policy and procedure is adhered to.

  1. Invigilators must not use their cell phones unless it is to communicate to a Provider staff member for a replacement or a restroom escort. During the ICB exam inspections we have noted that Invigilators use their phones at all times instead of observing students
  2. PoE’s must be handed in to the Invigilator when the student arrives for the exam
  3. Invigilators need to make mention of the consequences of cheating before the exam starts
  4. The 15 minutes reading time is included in the time allotted for the exam
  5. Invigilators may not be facilitators for any of the subjects they are invigilating exams for
  6. Students should be escorted to the restrooms and back to the exam room
  7. Invigilators may not leave the exam room unattended at any stage once the students are seated especially if the exam papers are in the exam room