Regulated Qualification

The Benefits of a Regulated Qualification

In today's competitive job market, obtaining qualifications is crucial for individuals looking to enhance their career prospects. While various types of qualifications are available, regulated qualifications hold significant advantages. Regulated…
Choosing the right qualification for you

How to choose the right qualification for you

In today's competitive job market, having the right qualification can make all the difference in advancing your career and achieving your professional goals. However, with numerous options, choosing the right qualification can take time and…

What does articulation mean in Education terms?

In education, articulation refers to the process of connecting two or more educational institutions or programmes so that students can move between them more seamlessly. The goal of articulation is to ensure that students can transfer their…
Top 90% for April 2023

Who’s in the top 90% for April 2023?

Congratulations to the Top Achievers of the November exams
Academic Deadlin

Why is it important to not miss an Academic Deadline?

Academic deadlines start early when you start studying! From entry requirements to submissions of Portfolio of Evidence (PoE's), Formatives, Summatives / Exams, Thesis and Dissertations. Deadlines are essential for the smooth running of your…

What do Credits mean in a Qualification and why are they important?

A Credit in a qualification typically represents the amount of learning achieved by a student in a specific module or course. It is a standardized measure of the amount of time and effort required to complete the learning outcomes of a module. In…
Exam paper

Why can’t students get their marked Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) or marked exam paper back?

Learners often ask to get their marked Exam Paper and/or Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) back.  Firstly, we need to establish that is not the practice for most external Examination Bodies.  Read more here The Reasons why students normally ask…

Top ICB Achievers: March 2023

Congratulations to the Top Achievers of the February 2023 exams
Self study

Should I consider self study?

Self study refers to the practice of learning on your own, without the guidance of a teacher or a mentor. Why does Self Study appeal to so many? Often learners only consider what they deem the positive, being: Flexibility – Controlling…