You have options after matric to get a relevant qualification

What to do after matric in South Africa?

WHAT TO DO AFTER MATRIC IN SOUTH AFRICA? Schools out… Alice Cooper in his hit hard rock song “School’s out” really captures the excitement of upcoming school holidays, but also that the 12 year school career has come to an end.   (Credits…
Financial Accounting is crucial to every business

What is Financial Accounting?

WHAT IS FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR AN ORGANIZATION? Financial accounting is the process of recording, summarizing and reporting a company’s business transactions with the means of financial statements.  The various…
Get qualified as a Financial Accountant

How to Study Financial Accounting?

HOW TO STUDY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING? Financial Accountants are critical and essential to any organization, as they are the lifeblood of the financial health and future growth of the Business. Financial Accountants are responsible for the generation…
Bookkeepers work from home

Can Bookkeepers work from home?

CAN BOOKKEEPERS WORK FROM HOME?   Trying to balance work and family?  Single mom challenges and expenses with childcare? Remote work is certainly on the rise, and with the financial field especially, bookkeeping is the most common…
What is the ICB Marking process and what does it entail?

What is the ICB Marking Process?

What is the ICB Marking Process? We regularly get asked why it takes so long to release the ICB results.  An entire marking and moderation process takes place to ensure that the results you receive have been marked and that moderation has…
How to start a bookkeeping business

How to start a bookkeeping business

How to start a bookkeeping business?   If you have a knack for numbers and a good head for organisation, starting a bookkeeping business might be the right choice for you. It’s also a very in-demand area. All businesses must keep…
Join a professional body

Why join a Professional Body?

Should I join a professional body after my studies? The ICB is an external examining body and conducts assessments of the qualifications that fall under our scope.  We are not a professional body, but we have arrangements with several local…
Want to know how long it will take you to qualify as a bookkeeper? Find out here

How long does it take to qualify as a Bookkeeper?

How long does it take to qualify as a Bookkeeper? As you are reading this blog, we can presume that you have already decided to study to become a qualified bookkeeper.  We at the ICB are here to assist you in your journey to achieve your aspirations…
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What to do without a Matric in South Africa?

What to do without a Matric in South Africa? New year, new ambitions but limited without a matric and feeling despondent? There are options available if you don't have a matric! Do you have a Grade 10 or 16 years of age? Then we have a plan…
Can a Bookkeeper become and Accountant?

Can a Bookkeeper become an Accountant?

Dream of becoming an Accountant? See how you can become one when starting as a Junior Bookkeeper or Accounts Clerk even without a matric.