ICB and FASSET has entered into an agreement where-by ICB has been allowed to take over the printing of FASSET certificates.

We at ICB are very excited about this opportunity and have prioritised the development of the various systems to allow us to streamline the process.

As part of the agreement between ICB and FASSET, ICB has to identify all those certificates that were overlooked/missed and will prioritise these after which we will start with the remainder of the outstanding certificates. Important to note is that the printing of FASSET certificates ONLY applies to the printing of ICB completed qualifications as approved by and agreed to by FASSET.

Our first priority will therefor be all certificates missed prior to 2019 completed qualifications.

The second priority will be all 2019 completed qualifications.

Rest assured if you were overlooked between 2015 -2018 and any 2019 completed qualifications your FASSET certificate / Diploma will be printed and dispatched by end May 2020.

We have also been authorised to re-print certificates for qualifications completed through ICB. We would like to request understanding and patience when it comes to re-print as re-prints will be our last priority.

Any reprints after all documents and requirements have been met will be actioned within 30 days of the request. For reprint requirements please follow this link: https://icbhelpdesk.freshdesk.com/support/solutions

Please note: Certificates will ONLY be sent out once COVID-19 regulations allow our team to return to work and it is deemed safe to do so.