Dear Larry

I love using MACCI, but want to know if I can complete my online test before I’ve worked through all of my course materials?



Dear Thabo

We’re glad you like our new Digital Portfolio’s and your question is an important one.

While MACCI allows you to go at your own pace, we do advise that you follow the learning plan as set out by your lecturer at the college where you are studying.  There is a risk if you try and take the assessments too soon, that you will not be sufficiently prepared. Remember there is only one attempt.

We like our learners to be properly prepared and ready, to ensure the highest possible rate of success.

Good luck with your studies.

Larry Learner




We have seen a rather alarming increase in the number of students who write incorrect exams and we can conclude that both the student and the training provider are responsible for incorrect exams being written. We explain the various types of cases we’ve had to deal with below.


The exam is written at an incorrect venue

A number of correspondence students have written exams at incorrect venues. We wish to reiterate that all our correspondence students must write their exams at the allocated ICB correspondence venues. The specific venue will be selected by the learner upon booking the exam, ICB will further confirm the learner’s selection on their student profile and exam confirmation letter. Under no circumstances should a training provider or ICB correspondence venue, allow learners that are not on the exam attendance register for that particular exam and for that particular day, to write the exam at their venues.


The exam is written on an incorrect date

All examinations must be written on the date that was booked by the learner or the college, this would be further confirmed by ICB on the student profile, through the ICB exam attendance register and exam confirmation letter.


The incorrect exam is written

The incorrect exam is written means that the student has written an incorrect exam subject. Both providers and learners would be held responsible for an incorrect exam written.


We wish to remind providers that students writing incorrect exams is a serious irregularity and responsibility for such is placed on both the provider and the learner. In addition to the learners’ results being declared null and void, ICB would furthermore impose fines on the provider and the students would need to apply for a re-write.

We urge training providers to implement internal quality control to eliminate irregularities concerning incorrect exam papers in order to ensure that learners are not disadvantaged due to negligence. Learners are also encouraged to make sure that they check their exam timetables and take note of their exam dates and venues, this should be part of the exam rules that are read out to learners before the exam commences.

ICB will not accept incorrect exam paper submissions.