financial accountant salary

What can your finance job title and responsibilities be?

What could your job title be? From accountant to bookkeeper, and cost clerk to accounts clerk. What does it all mean?
6 Fundadentals of Business Management

6 Fundamentals of Business Management

What are the Fundamentals of Business Management? Having a true passion for the business you are managing is very important for your success. But passion alone is not enough. You also need core business skills (business management fundamentals),…
Common issues picked up by ICB Assessors

Important Message for Students – Be Vigilant!

Recently ICB assessors have been picking up an issue that could have been easily avoided, the incorrect exam being written. Even if it is not your fault, you may be unfairly disadvantaged so always ensure when you sit for an exam that it states…

What date are postponements allocated to/allowed for?

What date are postponements allocated to/allowed for? If you need to postpone your exam before your exam date, check the Exam Timetable in your Admin Book to see the postponement closing dates for each exam cycle. If you are on time, you can…

The elephant in the room – Past exam papers

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Many of our students and even providers still believe in the power of using past exam papers to prepare for upcoming exams, however past exam papers are exactly that, they are past. Let’s admit it! no examining body would make use of the same…


Mess, deadlines and guilt! It’s never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. Now add studying to the mix and you may think you’re one assignment away from a total nervous breakdown. Kids don’t exactly…

LinkedIn has become a pivotal part of the professional business world

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